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 May 23, 2024

FBI Conducts Raid On DA Jody Owens' Business And Office

Federal law enforcement raided businesses and offices linked to a prominent Mississippi district attorney.

Agents searched the Downtown Cigar Company, owned by Hinds County District Attorney Jody Owens, and his offices at the Hinds County Courthouse.

According to Daily Wire, the FBI led the operation on Wednesday, targeting properties associated with Jody Owens in Jackson, Mississippi. The raid focused on Owens's Downtown Cigar Company and his offices at the courthouse.

FBI Agents Seize Evidence From Multiple Locations

FBI agents seized evidence during the execution of federal search warrants. The FBI confirmed they were operating at multiple locations, though specifics of the seized material remain undisclosed.

The court is currently sealing the details of the search warrants, leaving many questions unanswered regarding the context and reasons behind the raids.

FBI Public Information Officer Marshay Lawson highlighted that the court has restricted further details by sealing the affidavit. Lawson reassured the public that safety was not a concern.

District Attorney Owens Is Soros-backed

Jody Owens, a Democrat, is backed by billionaire megadonor George Soros. Owens has a notable career history, having served as the chief policy counsel and managing attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mississippi Office before becoming the Hinds County District Attorney.

Soros-backed district attorneys have faced significant scrutiny for their approach to law enforcement, often accused of selective enforcement and promoting progressive policies. Owens is among those who have attracted such critiques.

The focus on Owens and Soros's involvement could indicate broader concerns or questions about his practices and affiliations. However, without further details, the full implications of the raids remain speculative.

No Immediate Threat to Public Safety

Despite the federal action and its implications, the FBI has emphasized that there is no immediate threat to public safety. This statement aims to reassure the community amid the heightened activity.

The public and officials await further clarification as the situation evolves. Any future unsealing of court documents may provide more insight into the reasons for these searches.

The sealed affidavit and search warrants point to potentially sensitive information. This confidentiality could be key to understanding the broader context and outcomes expected from the raids.

In summary, the FBI targeted Jody Owens' business, Downtown Cigar Company, and his office within the Hinds County Courthouse. The court has sealed the supporting documents for the search warrants. George Soros notably supports Owens and has a history with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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