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 June 8, 2024

Federal Agents Arrest Texas Doctor After Whistleblowing on Hospital’s Sex-Change Program

In a dramatic turn of events, heavily armed federal agents arrived at the home of Dr. Eithan Haim, a Texas-based surgeon, to serve him with an indictment.

Haim was indicted by the Biden Administration’s Justice Department after disclosing documents concerning a sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital, as the Gateway Pundit reports.

The doctor, a 33-year-old general surgeon, found himself embroiled in controversy after leaking sensitive information regarding Texas Children’s Hospital sex-change program. The disclosure was made in May 2023 to investigative journalist Christopher Rufo. Notably, Dr. Haim took precautions to ensure that no patient-identifiable information was shared in the process.

Just a day subsequent to the leaks, the Texas state legislature acted decisively by passing a law that banned transgender-related medical treatments and procedures on minors. This legislative action was seemingly influenced by the exposé, which revealed inconsistencies in the hospital’s transparency about its transgender program.

Federal Indictment for HIPAA Violations

On a Tuesday morning, three armed federal agents arrived at Dr. Haim’s residence to inform him of the indictment. The Justice Department's charges include four felony counts associated with HIPAA violations. Those counts revolve around the alleged misuse of medical records as part of Dr. Haim’s whistleblowing activities.

Dr. Haim publicly voiced his bewilderment and concern through social media. He described the unusual, aggressive manner in which federal agents presented the indictment, stating, “Had three heavily armed agents at my door 7AM Tuesday to inform me I was indicted with four felonies…”

He further emphasized that the information he disclosed did not include any specific patient details, asserting his belief that no laws were breached. He sees the actions taken against him as politically charged attempts to silence truth-tellers.

Anonymous Whistleblower Revealed

In his own defense, Dr. Haim identified himself, detailing his reasons and actions in an online fundraising campaign on GiveSendGo. “My name is Eithan Haim. I am a 33-year-old general surgeon who was the anonymous whistleblower in a story released May 16, 2023 by Christopher Rufo,” he explained.

Dr. Haim’s revelations brought to light the hospital's misrepresentation regarding the existence and operations of its transgender program. On June 23, a few hours before Dr. Haim’s expected graduation from surgical training, federal agents once again approached him. This time, they delivered a target letter, indicating he was under criminal investigation for issues concerning “medical records.”

Reaction to the Investigation

Dr. Eithan Haim openly contends that the ongoing investigation spearheaded by the Justice Department is disproportionate and politically motivated. “Since no laws had been violated…, this was nothing more than a blatant attempt at political intimidation,” he stated emphatically.

Additionally, in his public address, Dr. Haim suggested that an influential, ideological faction within the Department of Health and Human Services is attempting to quiet whistleblowers who expose significant institutional flaws and risks, particularly those surrounding hormone-based interventions for minors.

Conclusion Summarizes the Events

In summary, Dr. Eithan Haim's decision to leak documents regarding the sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital led to significant legal and personal consequences.

He faces four felony charges for alleged HIPAA violations, compounded by multiple intimidating encounters with federal agents. The disclosure sparked legislative changes in Texas, marking a critical moment in the ongoing debate over medical transparency and transgender healthcare for minors.

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