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 June 19, 2024

Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Revised Title IX Rules in More States

A federal court has blocked President Joe Biden's latest Title IX education rules from being implemented in six additional states following a lawsuit from a West Virginia middle school girl.

According to Breitbart News, the ruling adds to a broader legal challenge against the changes, bringing the total number of states where the rules have been halted to ten.

The injunction issued by the federal court affects Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia. A lawsuit from a middle school girl in West Virginia sparked the legal challenge, highlighting the contentious nature of the new rules.

Additional States Join Legal Battle Against Title IX Changes

Less than a week ago, a federal judge in Louisiana had blocked the same Title IX rules in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho. The latest ruling, delivered by U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty, has intensified the legal scrutiny over the Biden administration's changes to Title IX.

Judge Doughty described the new rules as an "abuse of power" and a "threat to democracy," reflecting the strong opposition from various quarters. His ruling has added momentum to the arguments against the Biden administration’s interpretation of the federal education rules.

The debate centers around whether Biden’s changes are compatible with Title IX's original intent, which is to provide equal educational opportunities regardless of sex.

Legal Arguments Highlight Privacy Concerns

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky emphasized that the new rules mandate schools to allow individuals to access intimate spaces based on their gender identity rather than biological sex. This requirement, according to the court, conflicts with the broader guarantee of educational protection for all students.

"Despite society’s enduring recognition of biological differences between the sexes, as well as an individual’s basic right to bodily privacy, the Final Rule mandates that schools permit biological men into women’s intimate spaces, and women into men’s, within the educational environment based entirely on a person’s subjective gender identity," the court stated.

This perspective underscores the ongoing controversy over how Title IX should be applied in modern educational settings, particularly concerning issues of gender identity and privacy.

Riley Gaines Voices Support for Court Rulings

Women's sports advocate Riley Gaines praised the court's decision, calling it a "huge win." She noted the rapid pace at which legal challenges to the Biden administration’s Title IX changes have gained traction. "I don’t think we would have seen this kind of decisive action two years ago," Gaines remarked. "The gender ideology house of cards is crumbling. And it’s crumbling fast."

Gaines expressed hope that future generations will have the same opportunities to compete and succeed in sports as she did, warning that the Biden administration's policies could undermine these opportunities. With the recent rulings, the total number of states where Biden’s Title IX rules have been blocked now stands at ten, marking a significant setback for the administration's efforts to enforce the new regulations.

The rulings also indicate a growing resistance to the Biden administration’s policies from various states and legal entities, suggesting that the implementation of these rules will face significant hurdles.


The federal court's injunctions against the Biden administration’s Title IX rules represent a major development in the ongoing debate over gender identity and privacy in education. The total number of states where these rules have been blocked now includes Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, and Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho. Key figures like Judge Terry A. Doughty and Riley Gaines have voiced strong opinions on the issue, highlighting the deep divisions and high stakes involved in this contentious legal and social battle.

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