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 June 8, 2024

Financial Disclosures: Justice Jackson Earns $1.5M as Thomas Faces Criticism

Supreme Court financial disclosures have revealed a stark contrast in media scrutiny of justices’ earnings.

Left-wing activists and Democrats have criticized Justice Clarence Thomas over allegations of receiving $4 million in gifts over 33 years, while overlooking the substantial earnings of more liberal justices, as the National Pulse reports.

Recent financial disclosures highlight Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's significant earnings from her book advance. Last year, she brought in $893,750 for her forthcoming memoir. This sum forms part of the total $1.5 million in book income reported by U.S. Supreme Court justices last year.

Media Focus on Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas has faced significant criticism for allegedly receiving $4 million in gifts over 33 years. Despite this scrutiny, there has been limited media focus on the earnings of other justices. This disparity raises questions about the objectivity of the media's coverage.

In contrast to the extensive media focus on Justice Thomas, details surrounding the earnings of more liberal justices, such as Justice Jackson, are less scrutinized. Justice Jackson’s substantial book advance underscores this discrepancy.

Justice Jackson's financial disclosures reveal she earned $893,750 for her memoir. Additionally, Justice Brett Kavanaugh disclosed $340,000 from a "legal memoir," pointing to the notable earnings potential for justices through literary endeavors.

Additional Earnings and Gifts

Other justices also reported smaller earnings from book-related activities. Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor disclosed minor book income, reflecting the broader trend of literary ventures among Supreme Court justices. Beyond book advances, Justice Jackson received concert tickets valued at $3,712 from singer Beyonce. She also accepted two artworks valued at $12,500 for her chambers, highlighting various forms of non-financial recognition.

On the other hand, Justice Sonia Sotomayor earned $1,879 from Fred Rogers Productions for her voiceover work on the PBS children's show Alma’s Way. These supplementary earnings from diverse activities reflect the multi-faceted interests and engagements of Supreme Court justices.

Teaching Engagements and Extensions

Three justices also received additional income from teaching roles at educational institutions. Justice Neil Gorsuch earned $29,798 from George Mason University. Justice Brett Kavanaugh received $25,000 from the University of Notre Dame Law School, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett earned $14,947 from Notre Dame Law School.

In terms of financial reporting, Justice Samuel Alito was granted a 90-day extension to file his financial report. This extension reflects the flexibility in deadlines for justices' financial disclosures, ensuring comprehensive reporting. The reporting requirements for Supreme Court justices are designed to ensure transparency in their earnings and gifts received. However, the varied scrutiny between justices underscores concerns regarding media focus and potential biases in reporting.

Justice Clarence Thomas remains a focal point of criticism due to the allegations of receiving $4 million in gifts. Meanwhile, financial disclosures show notable earnings among several justices, such as Justice Jackson and Justice Kavanaugh, primarily through literary and teaching endeavors.

Justice Jackson's nearly $900,000 book advance and her receipt of high-value gifts highlight the financial opportunities available to justices beyond their official duties. This raises questions about the consistency of media scrutiny across the judiciary.

With three justices receiving significant teaching income and others granted extensions for filing reports, the fiscal activities and declarations of Supreme Court justices remain a point of public interest. The variable focus on individual justices, however, suggests potential biases in media coverage that deserve scrutiny.

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