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 June 6, 2024

Focus Group Inflamed Over Trump's Conviction: 'He's Our Antihero'

Participants, all past supporters of Trump, Biden, or Clinton, discussed how the verdict influenced their voting decisions for November.

Fox News reported that many participants expressed uncertainty about how the conviction would affect their vote. Some were still "torn," while others said the verdict swayed their decision, but not decisively. They emphasized other issues like inflation, the economy, immigration, and abortion as more critical factors in their decision-making process.

Mixed Reactions Among Swing Voters

James, a 53-year-old from Iowa, voiced skepticism about the fairness of Trump's prosecution. He argued that the efforts to prosecute Trump were politically motivated rather than being about justice.

"They’ve been going after Trump since he was elected in 2016. Democracy is supposed to be about the will of the people. I don’t really think the majority of the people in this country wanted to see him prosecuted on these charges," James said.

Jonathan, a 37-year-old from Florida, echoed a similar sentiment, defending Trump as an "antihero" and drawing comparisons to characters like Tony Soprano and Walter White. He suggested that Trump's actions, though controversial, were seen by many of his supporters as being in their best interest.

Concerns About Voting For A Convicted Felon

Hilary, 55, a social worker from California, stated that she could not vote for a convicted felon but was also hesitant to support Biden. Her dilemma was shared by others in the group, reflecting a broader sense of disillusionment with the current political options.

"Despite my absolute concerns about the mental fitness and policy disagreements that I have with Joe Biden, I cannot envision casting a vote for Donald Trump," she said, noting her internal conflict over the decision.

Frank, a 65-year-old from Arizona, expressed doubts about Trump's integrity and ethics, indicating a potential shift toward Biden despite his reservations about the current president. He emphasized the importance of a president having a higher standard of ethics and integrity.

The State Of American Democracy

The group was more unified in their concerns about the state of American democracy following the verdict. Jorge, a 52-year-old from California, described the situation as "dangerous," while Logan, a 31-year-old lawyer from Oklahoma, called it "absolute hyperbolic chaos."

Despite his defense of Trump, Jonathan highlighted the economic factors as the most critical for his voting decision. He said:

As an independent, my No. 1 factor is economics. Full disclosure: Under Biden, I make more money. But under Trump, my money was worth more. And so that’s why I’m undecided. I don’t know who is the better side of the coin. Right now, I’m waiting to see who Trump chooses as his vice president.

Growing Support For Trump Despite Conviction

John, 58, from Pennsylvania, expressed disappointment with Biden following Trump's conviction, suggesting it made Biden appear ungracious and weak. He speculated that undecided voters might turn to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an alternative.

Jorge shared a similar view, suggesting that Biden's involvement in the prosecution made him look weaker. He believed the verdict might energize Trump's supporters and those previously apathetic. "This verdict is going to energize people toward Trump. Maybe if they were apathetic or weren’t sure…it kind of lights a fire in them," said Shantel, a 33-year-old from California.


The focus group highlighted swing voters' complex and varied reactions to Trump's conviction, with many still undecided about their vote in the upcoming election. While some expressed unwavering support for Trump, others were swayed by broader issues such as the economy and integrity in leadership. The discussions also underscored significant concerns about the state of American democracy, reflecting the turbulent political landscape leading up to November.

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