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 June 20, 2024

Fox's Brian Kilmeade Queries Gov. Wes Moore on Potential Biden Replacement

Maryland Governor Wes Moore was confronted with the provocative question of whether he would be prepared to step in as the Democratic presidential candidate.

According to Daily Mail, Moore reaffirmed his unwavering support for President Biden and firmly dismissed any speculation about him entering the presidential race.

Governor Wes Moore appeared on the Fox & Friends show on Wednesday morning, where Brian Kilmeade questioned him regarding his political future. Kilmeade inquired if Moore, often dubbed the 'next Obama,' was ready to step in as a presidential candidate should unforeseen circumstances necessitate President Biden's replacement.

Governor Moore's Appearance on Fox & Friends

Reflecting on Moore's political achievements, Kilmeade posed: "That’s why people are floating your name as a possible President Biden replacement should the wheels come off come the August convention. Your reaction?"

Governor Moore's reply was unequivocal. He expressed his steadfast support for President Biden, emphasizing that he looks forward to Biden continuing his role for another four years. "I am full-throated in my support of President Biden," Moore declared, echoing his commitment to the current administration.

Moore further addressed the speculation by repeating his support: "I am looking forward to seeing four more years of Biden in the White House."

Moore's Recognition as 'Presidential Material'

The conversation touched on Moore's rising profile within the Democratic Party and the Republican Party's acknowledgment of his potential. Republicans have been calling Moore 'presidential material,' hinting at his readiness for national leadership.

Kilmeade suggested that Moore’s work on the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a project aimed at rebuilding and modernizing the infrastructure, could serve as a 'launching pad' for the White House. This project has garnered Moore considerable attention and marked him as a significant player in the state and potentially national politics.

Support for Biden Amid Political Speculation

Despite the speculation surrounding his political future, Moore's position remains clear. His unwavering support for Biden indicates a commitment to the current administration's goals and policies. Moore's statements during the interview underscore his loyalty and belief in President Biden's leadership.

Brian Kilmeade’s question about Moore stepping in as a presidential candidate reflects broader conversations and uncertainties within political spheres. However, Moore's response sets a firm boundary to such speculation, making it clear he supports the continuation of Biden's presidency.

Ongoing Discussions in the Political Arena

As discussions about future presidential candidates continue to develop, Moore’s recent statements are likely to play a significant role in shaping public and political perceptions. His steadfast support for Biden serves to reinforce the Democratic unity ahead of the 2024 race.

Moore’s dialogue on Fox & Friends highlights how media and political figures explore potential candidates in rapidly changing political climates. However, Moore’s clear and strong statements suggest an intent to maintain stability within the Democratic Party.


While Brian Kilmeade's inquiry into Governor Wes Moore's readiness to replace President Biden created a buzz, Moore has decisively positioned himself as a supporter of President Biden’s continued leadership. Throughout the interview, Moore emphasized his loyalty to Biden and dismissed any notions of entering the presidential race himself. His recognition as 'presidential material' and his accomplishments, such as the rebuilding of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, illustrate his growing influence. However, for now, Moore's steadfast support for Biden reflects a unified front within the Democratic Party amid ongoing political discourse.

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