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 June 24, 2024

Georgia Judge Alleges Club Arrest Was a ‘Set Up’

Christina Peterson, a Douglas County Probate Judge, faces battery and felony obstruction charges following an altercation at an Atlanta nightclub early Thursday morning.

According to Breitbart News, the incident occurred at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge in Buckhead around 3:00 a.m. when law enforcement responded to a disturbance. Peterson maintains she was not part of the initial fight but merely attempted to assist a woman under attack.

According to the police, Peterson "approached and struck" an officer. The officer said she forcibly pushed his chest and repeatedly swiped at his hands as he endeavored to defuse the situation.

Peterson Claims Wrongful Accusation and Setup

Body camera footage revealed Peterson striking the officer and yelling as he aimed to intervene in the dispute. Peterson was then taken into custody, where she allegedly refused to provide her identity and made a veiled threat.

During her arrest, she was quoted in the footage saying, "The last person that ever tried me like this died 30 days later... I pray for you.” Peterson decried the charges on Instagram as a deliberate plot to discredit her.

Attorney Marvin Arrington Jr., who represents Peterson, has called for the charges to be dismissed and for a review by the Fulton County District Attorney. Arrington believes Peterson will be vindicated once more details emerge.

Eyewitnesses Support Peterson’s Account

Two witnesses stated Peterson was trying to aid Alexandria Love, whom they claimed was being attacked. Love supported Peterson's version, expressing that the officer ignored her male assailant and mishandled her instead.

Love described the officer's actions as mistaken, emphasizing that Peterson's involvement was to protect her from further harm. Peterson reportedly reacted in defense of Love, not intending to assault the officer.

Arrington acknowledged that the heat of the moment could have confused the officers. He stressed that Peterson's intent was purely to assist Love amidst the chaos.

Peterson’s Past and Public Reaction

Peterson's prior judicial record includes numerous accusations of violating judicial conduct codes. This history has complicated public perception and reaction to her recent charges.

On her Instagram, Peterson shared her belief that the charges are part of an ongoing strategy to tarnish her reputation. She reported having sustained injuries, including bruises and a black eye, during the incident.

Peterson's case is being closely watched as the legal process unfolds, raising broader concerns about public trust in the judicial system and fair treatment by law enforcement.

In conclusion, Christina Peterson, a Douglas County Probate Judge, was arrested for battery and felony obstruction after an encounter at an Atlanta club. Allegations that she struck an officer are disputed by eyewitnesses and Peterson herself, who claims she intervened to aid Alexandria Love. The incident and its fallout underscore ongoing tensions and complexities in judicial and law enforcement interactions.

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