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 July 5, 2024

Goldman on 25th Amendment: Focus on Stability of Biden’s Team

Representative Daniel Goldman (D-NY) has responded to a recent call for the 25th Amendment to be invoked against President Joe Biden.

As Breitbart News reported, Rep. Daniel Goldman argued that calls for invoking the 25th Amendment should consider President Joe Biden and those in his administration.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) accused President Biden of being manipulated by those around him. This prompted a rebuttal from Representative Goldman, who emphasized the consistency and capability within Biden's administration.

Goldman Highlights Biden’s Team Stability

Goldman pointed out that President Joe Biden has experienced minimal turnover among his leadership team. He contrasted this with former President Trump’s administration, where the majority of Trump’s former Cabinet members and senior officials did not support his 2024 presidential campaign.

Statistics presented by Goldman indicated that 40 out of 44 former Trump cabinet members have refrained from endorsing Trump. In fact, 91% of Trump's former senior officials, including the vice president, consider him unfit for office.

Representative Goldman emphasized that Biden's team is capable and stable, which is a stark contrast to the high turnover seen during Trump’s presidency.

Contrasts with Former President Trump

Goldman’s remarks further underscored the importance of evaluating the competence of those surrounding a president. He suggested that attention should not be solely on the president but also on the administration’s ability to uphold the rule of law and democratic principles.

He criticized Trump's approach, highlighting the broad lack of endorsement from Trump’s past key officials. This comparison, Goldman implied, speaks volumes about the differing operational standards between the two administrations.

Goldman stressed the continued protection of democracy and the rule of law under Biden’s administration, in contrast to the alleged threats posed by Trump’s policies.

Emphasis on the Rule of Law

Goldman specifically noted Biden's low turnover rate as an indicator of a stable and well-functioning administration, juxtaposing it with Trump’s highly volatile cabinet history.

In response to calls for evaluating President Biden under the 25th Amendment, Goldman dismissed them as baseless and repetitive.

He defended Biden's team as highly qualified and dedicated to democratic values, countering Representative Chip Roy's claims of undue influence. Goldman stressed the importance of focusing on the administration's policy-driven and norm-respecting operations instead of engaging in personal attacks or unfounded comparisons.


Representative Daniel Goldman has vigorously defended President Joe Biden against calls for the invocation of the 25th Amendment by pointing out the stability and capability of Biden's administration. Goldman contrasted this with former President Trump’s high turnover and lack of support from his former Cabinet members, urging a focus on the broader implications for democracy and the rule of law.

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