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 February 27, 2024

GOP AG’s Demand Answers on Reports of 85K Missing Migrant Children

The plight of 85,000 missing migrant children has captured national attention, as nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general demand action from the Biden administration.

According to Fox News, in a concerted effort to address this humanitarian and security issue, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes spearheaded the initiative by sending a detailed letter to key figures in the administration.

Addressed to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, the letter outlines grave concerns regarding the safety and whereabouts of these children.

The attorneys general argue that the federal government's current practices inadvertently facilitate the trafficking of vulnerable minors. They point to a disturbing comparison to illustrate the magnitude of the issue, stating, "Losing 85,000 kids is like losing the entire population of Sioux City, Iowa." This crisis has raised alarms over potential trafficking and exploitation, casting a shadow on federal oversight.

Shocking Revelations and Government Accountability

A report from the HHS Office of Inspector General earlier this month paints a grim picture of the situation. It highlights significant lapses in the vetting and safety checks of sponsors, raising the possibility that many children are placed in harmful situations.

Some were even released to homes later discovered to be vacant or unsuitable for living, intensifying concerns about their safety and well-being.

The letter from the attorneys general does not mince words in expressing their alarm over potential trafficking networks exploiting these children. They criticize the lack of a coherent strategy from HHS and DHS to mitigate these risks, demanding immediate action to safeguard these vulnerable individuals.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, reflecting a sentiment shared by many, expressed her distress, stating, "As a mom, it makes me sick to know that many of these missing kids have been trapped into forced labor and exploited by heinous sex traffickers."

Heartbreaking Examples of Exploitation and the Call for Change

The attorney general’s letter includes harrowing examples of child exploitation, further illustrating the dire consequences of current policies. A sixteen-year-old crushed under an earthmover near Atlanta, Georgia; a fourteen-year-old hit by a car while delivering food on a bike in Brooklyn, New York; and a fifteen-year-old who died on his first day of work for a roofing company are, just a few instances that underscore the urgency of this crisis.

The letter accuses the HHS of loosening its vetting procedures, resulting in a situation where thousands of children are at risk of being forced into labor or sex trafficking. It underscores the pressing need for a robust response to this ongoing crisis, one that prioritizes the safety and well-being of migrant children above all.

Parents send their children to the United States hoping for a better life, escaping from war, gangs, or violence. The attorneys general emphasize that it is the federal government's responsibility to ensure these children are safe and well-cared for, a duty that is currently not being met.


The letter penned by nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general sheds light on a distressing situation involving 85,000 missing migrant children. The comparison to losing the entire population of Sioux City, Iowa, underscores the gravity of the issue. The federal government's failure to adequately protect these vulnerable individuals from trafficking and exploitation is alarming.

The report from the HHS Office of Inspector General highlights significant concerns, including untimely sponsor safety checks and instances of children being placed in unsuitable homes. The attorneys general demand immediate action to address these failures and ensure the safety and well-being of migrant children, a responsibility that lies squarely with the federal government.

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