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 June 19, 2024

Howie Mandel Discloses Harrowing Incident Involving Wife’s Severe Injury

Howie Mandel recently recounted a frightening event in which his wife, Terry Soil, sustained grave facial injuries after an evening of socializing in Las Vegas.

According to Daily Mail, Terry Soil made a full recovery after the incident, which was shared during an appearance on "Live With Kelly And Mark" on Monday.

Mandel, widely known for his role as a judge on "America's Got Talent," described how a night of exuberant partying led to unexpected and alarming consequences. His wife, according to Mandel, collided with a wall in their hotel room around midnight and subsequently fell, causing serious facial trauma.

Terry’s injury occurred when she got up during the night and, while still drunk, collided head-first with a wall. The impact caused her to hit a windshield and, subsequently, the floor, resulting in a large scar and significant bruising near her left eye, as well as a minor bruise close to her upper lip.

Details of the Injury Described

Mandel shared the gut-wrenching details of finding his wife in a dire state. “I heard a bang and a cry out,” he recounted, explaining that he frantically searched the room for Terry before discovering her face down in a corner with blood pooling around her. Despite his own challenges with obsessive-compulsive disorder and germophobia, Mandel immediately rushed to assist his wife.

The severity of Terry’s injury was distressingly apparent, with a prominent gash on her face and visible bruising. Her left eye was swollen and discolored, and a cut near her upper lip added to the distressing scene. Mandel acted quickly to use towels to stem the bleeding while trying to calm his wife.

Despite Terry Soil’s severe discomfort and the alarming sight of the injury, Mandel managed to get ice from a beverage can in the minibar to help reduce the swelling. Initially, Terry tossed the cans aside, but it quickly became evident how critical Mandel’s assistance was.

Emergency Actions and Response

Recognizing the severity of the injury, Mandel called the hotel’s front desk to summon emergency medical help. Instead of immediately calling emergency services, staff arrived to document the scene first, noting the significant amount of blood.

After being transported to the hospital, Terry Soil was evaluated and supplied with much-needed medical care. Mandel described how relief set in for Terry when the doctor removed a sheet that had been obstructing her vision, which she hadn't realized was causing added distress.

The ordeal ended as positively as it could, given the circumstances, with Terry making a complete recovery. Mandel expressed profound relief and gratitude, noting that his wife bore no scars from the traumatic event and retained her beauty.

Howie Mandel Reflects on the Incident

Throughout the recounting of the incident, Howie Mandel’s emotional connection to the events was evident. “I freaked out,” he exclaimed while detailing the chaotic moments following the fall. His candid retelling highlighted the immediate panic and the subsequent actions to ensure his wife’s well-being.

Despite the traumatic nature of the incident, Mandel injected a touch of humor into the retelling. He joked about his own frantic search for ice and his initial ignorance of the severity of the injury. This underscored the unexpected and jarring nature of that night’s events.

In summary, Howie Mandel shared a harrowing experience where his wife, Terry Soil, sustained severe facial injuries after a drunken fall in Las Vegas. Despite the horrific nature of the injury, she has made a full recovery, with Mandel conveying immense relief and love.

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