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 June 20, 2024

Howie Mandel's Wife's Accident Due To Marijuana Gummies

Howie Mandel recently shared a shocking story about his wife Terry's fall due to marijuana gummies, not alcohol.

In a candid conversation on "LIVE with Kelly and Mark," Howie Mandel discussed the incident involving his wife, Terry. After consuming some marijuana gummies, Terry experienced intoxication, which led to a fall in their room at Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Fox News reported that despite initial confusion, Terry Mandel has fully recovered from her Las Vegas hotel room accident.

Terry Mandel's Scary Night

Howie and Terry Mandel have been married for 40 years. On the night of the accident, Terry woke up in the middle of the night and fell, hitting her head. Howie described it as a scary moment and tried to help using what was available.

Howie explained his immediate reaction to the show. He used cans of soda to try to alleviate her head injury. "I put her on the bed and I tried to give her ice, but I didn't have ice, and I gave her cans of soda to put on her head," Howie recalled.

Security's Misunderstanding

Hotel security, responding to a mess and bloodied scene, suspected domestic violence. Howie shared, "They've got me against the TV. My wife is covered in blood all over the bed. There's cans that have been thrown across the room."

Security detained Howie and questioned both of them. Despite the confusion, the situation was eventually cleared up. Terry and Howie explained the real cause of the mess.

Howie remembered the questions from security, "They had me leave the room and they asked her, ‘What happened?’ And she kept saying, 'I don't know.' And I said, 'Don't say you don't know!'

Post-Incident Recovery and Humor

Terry was taken to the hospital, where she was treated and eventually recovered without any permanent injuries. "She is absolutely perfect. There is not a scar. She is beautiful," Howie proudly stated.

After their return to the hotel, Terry found humor in the situation. "We got back to the hotel, and she's opening the door to the room. We're going back in the room. Another couple is coming out and going out for breakfast, and she goes, 'Howie, I promise I'll be a good girl.'"

Despite the seriousness of the night, Terry's lighthearted approach helped ease the tension. However, Howie did not find the joke amusing at first, reinforcing the night's stressful events.

Lessons and Reflections

Howie and Terry Mandel's experience serves as a cautionary tale about the impacts of marijuana gummies. Howie emphasized, "First of all, she wasn't drunk. She doesn't have an alcohol problem. I'm going to tell you the truth. She took gummies."

Reflecting on the night's events, Howie stressed the importance of caution when using such substances. He recounted advice from Harvey Levin, "I think the lesson here is — and everybody does this, and especially in Vegas — if you've been drinking or smoking or taking gummies, you get up in the middle of the night and you think that you can walk across the room without turning on the light. No, turn on the light."


Howie Mandel's revelation about his wife Terry's accident highlights the risks associated with marijuana gummies. Although security initially misunderstood the situation as domestic violence, the truth eventually emerged. Terry recovered fully and even found humor in the incident afterward. The story serves as a reminder to exercise caution and take marriage's challenges in stride.

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