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 June 7, 2024

Huckabee Predicts Secret Service Motion to Avoid Trump Incarceration

Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee predicts challenges regarding his incarceration due to Secret Service protection requirements.

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment during his 2016 presidential campaign.

According to Just The News, Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee predicted on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump would be jailed. He suggested that if Trump is sentenced, the Secret Service might be compelled to file a court motion to protect him.

Trump Found Guilty of 34 Felony Counts

On the heels of a New York jury's verdict, Donald Trump was found guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records. These charges stem from efforts during his 2016 presidential campaign to conceal a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress.

Trump's conviction marks a historic moment as he becomes the first U.S. president to be found guilty of felony crimes. This unprecedented legal outcome has triggered debates and predictions about his sentencing and what it entails for his security detail.

Huckabee, speaking on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show, raised concerns about the feasibility of incarcerating a former president under Secret Service protection. He questioned the logistics and legality of such a scenario.

Huckabee's Concerns Over Secret Service Logistics

Huckabee elaborated on his concerns, emphasizing the Secret Service's legal obligations:

If they're foolish enough to push this and actually try to incarcerate the president, which, I'm not sure – how do you do that when he's under Secret Service protection? Do they go with him?

He suggested that presenting the former president at a prison facility like Rikers Island would hinder the Secret Service's ability to perform its duties:

I think they would probably file some court motion and say, 'we cannot guarantee the ability to protect the former president as we are required by law to do if you put him in Rikers Island. You're not going to do it.

Moreover, Huckabee argued that the law governing the Secret Service's responsibilities would likely prevent Judge Juan Merchan from ordering Trump's incarceration. This, he claimed, would conflict with the protection statutes.

Implications for Trump's Political Future

The implications of Trump's legal woes extend beyond his personal fate. His sentencing date is set for July 11, just days before the anticipated Republican National Convention, where Trump is expected to be formally nominated.

Huckabee's predictions, therefore, hold weight not just for Trump but for the broader scope of American politics. They highlight the intersection of legal challenges, Secret Service protocols, and Trump's enduring influence within the GOP.

As July 11 approaches, the court's decisions and the responses of the Secret Service will be closely watched. Huckabee's hypothesis underscores the entangled nature of legal obligations and political dynamics in Trump's case.


Former President Donald Trump's sentencing on July 11 will coincide with his expected nomination by the Republican Party. Mike Huckabee has suggested that the Secret Service might file motions to ensure Trump's safety in jail, adding complexity to the situation. This historic conviction, its implications, and the upcoming Republican National Convention mark a significant moment in American politics. Huckabee's comments highlight the challenges of enforcing legal consequences on a former president.

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