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 June 9, 2024

Hunter Biden Hasn't Met Daughter Navy, President, First Lady Remain Silent

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s five-year-old daughter, Navy, revealed during an interview with Piers Morgan that Hunter Biden has never met his young daughter in person.

Roberts also mentioned that neither President Joe Biden nor first lady Jill Biden has reached out to meet Navy, as the Daily Wire reports.

The mother of the little girl shared that the only interaction Hunter Biden has had with Navy has been through a video call.

Hunter Biden's Busy Schedule

Roberts expressed her understanding of Hunter Biden’s busy life, noting that he has many responsibilities to handle at the moment. “The world knows Hunter has a lot on his plate right now,” Roberts stated. “I think that that needs to be his main focus. The rest can come after.”

She emphasized that Navy is aware of her father's demanding schedule and has shown patience over the years. “Navy is well aware. She knows that her father is very busy right now and he’s got a lot of things going on. She’s waited five years. She can wait a couple more months,” Roberts added, saying she remains hopeful for future interactions between Hunter Biden and Navy.

No Contact from Joe, Jill Biden

Roberts also revealed that neither President Joe Biden nor first lady Jill Biden has made any efforts to meet their granddaughter. This lack of initiative from the president and the first lady did not come as a surprise to her. “That door is always open,” Roberts remarked when asked if she would be open to a meeting between Navy and the president.

While Navy has not yet met her paternal grandparents, Roberts remains open to the possibility of such a meeting in the future.

Family Dynamics and Public Attention

The story of Hunter Biden and his daughter Navy has attracted significant public attention, especially given the high-profile status of the Biden family. Despite this, Roberts has maintained a composed and understanding stance regarding the situation.

Roberts' interview with Morgan provided a rare glimpse into the personal life of the Biden family, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play. Her willingness to discuss these matters publicly reflects the emotional weight of the situation.

As the mother of Navy, Roberts continues to navigate the challenges of co-parenting with a public figure, balancing her daughter’s needs with the reality of their unique circumstances.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, Roberts remains optimistic about the potential for Hunter Biden to become more involved in Navy’s life. Her comments suggest a desire for reconciliation and stronger familial bonds.

The revelations from the interview with Piers Morgan have sparked conversations about family responsibilities and public scrutiny. As the Biden family continues to navigate their public and private lives, the story of Hunter and Navy remains a poignant reminder of the personal challenges faced by public figures.

In summary, Lunden Roberts has disclosed that Hunter Biden has never met his five-year-old daughter Navy in person, and neither President Joe Biden nor first lady Jill Biden has reached out to meet their granddaughter. Despite these circumstances, Roberts is hopeful for future interactions and remains open to the possibility of family meetings.

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