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 June 18, 2024

Hunter Biden Requests New Trial, Quickly Withdraws Motion in Gun Case

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, briefly sought a new trial on a gun charge before retracting the motion on Monday.

Hunter Biden's legal team, citing jurisdiction issues, filed for a new trial quickly but withdrew the motion regarding his conviction on federal gun charges, Fox News reported.

Almost a week earlier, Hunter Biden was convicted on multiple counts related to a firearm purchase in 2018. His legal team, led by attorney Abbe Lowell, initially argued that the court lacked jurisdiction over the matter because two appeals were still pending.

Abbe Lowell Criticizes Jurisdiction

Lowell pointed out that the Third Circuit appeals court had not yet issued its mandate dismissing either of the pending appeals.

In the filing, Lowell stated, "The Third Circuit [appeals court], however, did not then and has not yet issued its mandate as to the orders dismissing either appeal." Biden’s defense team subsequently withdrew the motion. This retraction was noted in a court document as a “correcting entry.”

Biden Convicted on Multiple Counts

Hunter Biden was found guilty of making a false statement in purchasing a firearm, making a false statement on federal firearm forms, and possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user of controlled substances. The gun purchase, carried out in October 2018, was made at a store in Wilmington.

Despite his not-guilty plea, a jury handed down the guilty verdict after deliberating for roughly three hours over two days. The decision followed weeks of intense scrutiny over Biden’s well-documented history of drug abuse, which he also detailed in his 2021 memoir.

Texts Reveal Drug Use

Biden’s defense acknowledged his struggles with substance abuse but maintained he was not actively using drugs on the day he purchased the firearm, citing a recent rehabilitation stint. Prosecutors countered this claim, presenting evidence they believed to indicate his ongoing addiction to crack cocaine at the time of the purchase.

Among the evidence were text messages from Hunter Biden, including one where he mentioned "waiting for a dealer named Mookie" and another discussing "sleeping on a car smoking crack on 4th Street and Rodney." These messages were pivotal in the prosecution’s case, undermining the defense's argument.

Legal Prospects and Sentencing

Hunter Biden now faces substantial potential penalties, including up to 25 years in prison, heavy fines of up to $250,000 per count, and three years of supervised release per charge. However, as a first-time offender, it is unlikely Biden will receive the maximum penalties.

The sentence has not been scheduled as of now. The motion was withdrawn amid ongoing public interest and media attention on the case. Fox News Digital reached out to Abbe Lowell's office for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

In summary, Hunter Biden was convicted of several charges stemming from a firearm purchase in 2018. His legal team filed for a new trial, citing jurisdictional issues, only to withdraw the motion shortly after.

The defense argued that Biden was not actively using drugs at the time of purchase, while prosecutors presented contradicting evidence from text messages. Biden awaits sentencing, facing significant but potentially reduced penalties as a first-time offender.

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