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 May 15, 2024

Hunter Biden Team Seeks Delay in Gun Trial

Fox News reported that Hunter Biden's legal team sought a delay for his impending June 3 trial date in Delaware, citing readiness issues and additional legal complications.

A federal judge in Delaware set the trial date two months ago. On Tuesday, Hunter Biden was absent from the federal courthouse in Wilmington.

Contentious Courtroom Arguments

Attorney Abbe Lowell and Special Counsel David Weiss were present during the proceedings. Special counsel attorney Derek Hines described the Biden case as straightforward and expressed readiness for the trial.

Hines indicated that the trial would take less than a week. However, Lowell argued that the defense was not ready and proposed a September start date instead.

Judge Maryellen Noreika showed frustration and questioned the defense's claims of complexity. Lowell pointed to simultaneous work on Biden's cases in Delaware and California as reasons for the requested delay.

Defense Plans Appeal to Third Circuit

Lowell also mentioned plans to file an appeal with the Third Circuit, seeking an injunction to postpone the trial. The defense and prosecution in Delaware were preparing "in limine" motions to discuss evidence admissibility.

The special counsel's office opposed excluding certain information, particularly highlighting a 2018 gun-related incident involving Biden.

Evidence from a police report detailed an incident where Beau Biden's widow, Hallie, disposed of a firearm belonging to Hunter near a high school.

On Thursday, a federal appeals court decided against dismissing the gun charges after Biden's request. The charges stem from a 56-page indictment in Los Angeles in December, which included felony charges and detailed Biden's spending habits and related tax violations.

Judge Noreika Frustrated with Defense

Judge Noreika has dismissed the defense's claims of unpreparedness and upheld the June 3 trial date, emphasizing the trial's simplicity.

Despite the defense's busy schedule with multiple cases, the prosecution is ready to proceed as planned. The court's firm stance may delay proceedings until September as both sides prepare for upcoming motions and the potential trial.

Hunter Biden faces significant legal challenges across multiple states. The legal outcome hinges on an appeal to the Third Circuit, which will influence the trial's start date.

In summary, Hunter Biden's legal team seeks a delay for his upcoming trial in Delaware, citing unpreparedness and additional legal complexities. The prosecution argues the case is straightforward and ready for trial. The court's decision on the appeal and motions will determine the trial's timeline, with significant implications for both sides.

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