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 July 10, 2024

Hunter Biden Withdraws Request For New Trial in Gun Case

Hunter Biden has withdrawn his request for a new trial following criticisms from federal prosecutors regarding his misunderstanding of court orders.

According to the New York Post, Hunter Biden withdrew his request after prosecutors disproved his claims of jurisdictional errors in the initial trial.

Hunter Biden dropped his request for a new trial on Tuesday. He was convicted on June 11 of three counts related to lying about his drug addiction to obtain a firearm.

Prosecutors Disprove Jurisdictional Claims

Biden's request for a new trial, filed on June 24, claimed Judge Maryellen Noreika lacked jurisdiction due to pending rulings. However, federal prosecutors quickly pointed out that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals had already granted Noreika the authority to preside over the trial.

Prosecutor Derek Hines emphasized that the Third Circuit had dismissed Biden's appeals before the trial began on June 3 and denied his petition for rehearing.

On Tuesday, defense attorney Abbe Lowell admitted that the Third Circuit's procedure was correct and withdrew the motion. This marked the end of Biden's bid for a new trial based on alleged jurisdictional errors.

Potential Sentencing and Public Opinion

Hunter Biden now faces a potential sentence of up to 25 years, though federal guidelines suggest he may receive a lesser sentence. Judge Noreika has yet to schedule a sentencing date.

Public opinion on the case has been strong. An Associated Press-NORC poll revealed that 60% of Americans, including 59% of Democrats, agreed with the verdict. Nearly half of the respondents believe Biden deserves prison time.

Biden’s legal troubles are not over, as he is scheduled for another trial on September 5 in Los Angeles. This trial concerns allegations of evading $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019.

Rejected Appeals and Further Legal Issues

Hunter Biden's appeal in the tax evasion case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was rejected in mid-May. This dismissal adds to his mounting legal challenges.

In their Monday response, prosecutors had criticized Biden for his "failure to read" court orders and misunderstanding the appellate process.

Hines highlighted that both dismissal orders from the Third Circuit were clearly marked as issued "in Lieu of Mandate," leaving no room for reconsideration of jurisdiction.

Hines expressed frustration at Biden's insistence that his appeals had stripped the court of jurisdiction, calling it a "laughable tale." The defense eventually conceded, leading to the withdrawal of the motion.

Prosecutors Criticize Biden's Legal Tactics

Prosecutors were particularly critical of Biden's legal strategy, which they perceived as an attempt to delay proceedings. They described his appeal in the tax evasion case as a "stunt to delay his trial."

Hunter Biden remains a focal point in legal and public discussions despite these setbacks. His upcoming trial in Los Angeles will continue to attract significant attention.

The public and media will closely follow the developments as the legal proceedings advance. The implications of these cases extend beyond Biden himself, touching on broader issues of legal accountability and public trust in the judicial system.

Hunter Biden’s case underscores the importance of clarity and adherence to legal procedures. It also highlights the challenges and scrutiny faced by individuals in the public eye.


Hunter Biden withdrew his request for a new trial after federal prosecutors disproved his jurisdictional claims. He was convicted in June for lying about his drug addiction to obtain a firearm and now faces potential sentencing. Public opinion largely supports the verdict, and Biden's legal challenges continue with an upcoming tax evasion trial.

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