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 May 8, 2024

Iconic Family-Owned U.S. Music Chain to Close After a Century

Daily Mail reported that Sam Ash, a famed music retail chain founded in 1924, announced it would shut all its 42 stores by July 2024.

Established in Brooklyn by an Austrian immigrant, Sam Ash flourished for a century, supplying musical instruments to novice and seasoned musicians.

The store debuted with a down payment financed by a pawned engagement ring, symbolizing the founders' commitment and passion for music.

The stores are well-distributed across several U.S. states, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California. This widespread presence has made Sam Ash a household name in the music retail industry.

The Struggle Against Online Marketplace

The rise of online shopping has placed unprecedented pressure on traditional brick-and-mortar stores like Sam Ash. Derek Ash, the chief marketing officer and a descendant of the founder cited the challenges of maintaining a vast selection in physical stores when consumers often prefer to shop online.

The phenomenon of showrooming, where customers sample products in-store before buying them cheaper online, has particularly affected sales. This shift has forced the Ash family to make the heart-wrenching decision to close down. Derek Ash expressed sorrow over this outcome, stressing that it was a difficult but necessary decision.

Sales from the vast inventory of guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments will continue at reduced prices until stocks are cleared. This closure marks a significant reduction in physical music stores, which have struggled to compete with digital counterparts.

Reflections on the Cultural Impact

Sam Ash’s closure is stirring emotions beyond the realm of business. Michael Whalen, a celebrated composer, lamented the broader changes within the city landscapes, pointing out the loss of community hubs like Sam Ash. He described the city's transformation, noting that economic forces are reshaping its character.

Steve Stevens, a renowned rock guitarist, reminisced about the personal connections formed at Sam Ash. Despite its size, the store maintained a “mom-and-pop” feel that resonated with many musicians, becoming a favorite hangout spot that felt like family.

The closure of Sam Ash is part of a larger trend affecting retail stores nationwide. This past week, numerous retailers announced the shutdown of 169 stores. According to a report by Coresight Research, this year has seen a decrease in store openings and an increase in closures compared to the previous year.

Looking Back on a Century of Music

The story of Sam Ash Music is deeply woven into the fabric of American culture. Its competition over the years with larger chains like Guitar Center, which boasts over 300 locations, underscores the challenges family-owned businesses face in the retail sector.

As the doors close on Sam Ash’s stores, the music community reflects on a century of service that has enriched the lives of countless musicians. The legacy of Sam Ash will undoubtedly continue to resonate in the memories of those it has touched.

In conclusion, the announcement from Sam Ash marks a poignant moment in the history of music retail. It underscores the relentless push of modern retail dynamics and economic shifts that spare no historical establishment, no matter how beloved. As each store shuts its doors, a chapter full of music, community, and passion will inevitably come to its final rest, leaving behind a silent but rich legacy of a centennial journey.

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