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 July 1, 2024

Illegal Alien Accused in Murder of Syracuse Woman on Her Birthday

Disturbing footage has surfaced showing a police cruiser driving by as an Ecuadorian man walks out of an Airbnb carrying the body of a Syracuse woman.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Jhon Moises Chacaguasay-Ilbis, an illegal alien from Ecuador, was charged with the murder and concealment of the body of a Syracuse woman, Joselyn Jhoana Toaquiza, on her 21st birthday.

Jhon Moises Chacaguasay-Ilbis, aged 21, faces serious charges, including second-degree murder and the concealment of a human corpse. The victim, Joselyn Jhoana Toaquiza, also 21, unfortunately shares the same homeland as her alleged killer, Ecuador. Her immigration status remains unclear at this time.

Victim's Body Discovered in Shallow Grave

The tragic incident occurred on what should have been a celebratory day for Joselyn Jhoana Toaquiza – her 21st birthday. According to authorities, Chacaguasay-Ilbis buried her body in a shallow grave at a nearby park, hiding her remains after the crime.

Chacaguasay-Ilbis entered the United States last year under current immigration policies. During his time in the U.S., he was released while awaiting the processing of his asylum application. This case brings attention to ongoing debates regarding border policies and their effectiveness in ensuring the safety of American citizens.

Police Cruiser Drives by Suspicious Scene

Footage that emerged recently showed the harrowing scene of Chacaguasay-Ilbis carrying the limp body of Toaquiza out of an Airbnb. Shockingly, a police cruiser drove by during this time but did not notice anything amiss. This disturbing footage raises questions about the attentiveness and response of local law enforcement in such scenarios.

The community of Syracuse has been deeply affected by this tragedy. The incident has not only brought grief to Joselyn Jhoana Toaquiza's family and friends but has also heightened concerns about public safety strategies and immigration control.

Calls for Review of Border Policies

Chacaguasay-Ilbis and Toaquiza's shared Ecuadorian origin further complicates the emotional impact of this case. It underscores the complex human elements intertwined with international immigration policies.

There are calls from various community members and leaders to review and possibly tighten these policies to prevent similar future incidents.

The investigation continues as authorities work to bring justice for Joselyn Jhoana Toaquiza. No official quotes or statements from the involved parties have been made public as of yet. However, the community's outrage and demand for accountability are clear.

This case highlights various aspects of immigration policy, law enforcement vigilance, and community safety. As the story develops, concerned citizens and policymakers alike will seek solutions to address the flaws highlighted by this tragedy.


A young Ecuadorian woman lost her life on her birthday. Her body was hidden in a shallow grave, exposing lapses in law enforcement's vigilance and raising urgent questions about the efficacy of current border policies.

Chacaguasay-Ilbis, an illegal immigrant, faces charges for his tragic and shocking actions. The scenario captured by footage raises eyebrows about police awareness. Above all, the safety of American citizens remains a pressing concern that needs thorough and immediate action.

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