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 July 10, 2024

Iowa Senate Whip Steps Down Following Primary Victory

Iowa state Senate Majority Whip Waylon Brown, a Republican, resigned abruptly after his primary win without providing an explanation.

According to the Washington Examiner, Brown's sudden resignation has left many in the political sphere speculating about the reasons behind his departure.

Waylon Brown, who has served in the Iowa Senate since 2017, announced his resignation on Monday. Brown's decision to step down is effective as of July 10, 2024, but he did not provide a reason for his abrupt exit.

Unexpected Departure After Primary Victory

The resignation comes just weeks after Brown secured a victory in the state’s June primary. He received 53% of the vote, defeating his Republican challenger, Doug Campbell, who garnered 47%. This victory had set the stage for a general election showdown against Democrat Rich Lorence in November.

Brown expressed his gratitude to his constituents, stating, “I will forever be grateful to the people of my district who entrusted me to represent them in the Iowa State Capitol.”

He also thanked his family for their support during his tenure as state senator, adding, “I’m thankful for my wife, Julie, and our two kids, who have supported me throughout my tenure as state senator. I look forward to my next chapter. The best is yet to come!”

Impact on Upcoming Elections

With Brown’s unexpected resignation, the Republican Party now faces the task of nominating a new candidate to represent the district in the upcoming general election. Under Iowa law, Republicans are allowed to hold a convention to select a new nominee.

Democrat Rich Lorence, who was set to face Brown in November, responded to the news by acknowledging Brown’s service. “I want to thank Senator Brown for his hard work and leadership in the Iowa Senate on behalf of North Central Iowa and wish him the best of luck in whatever his future endeavors are,” Lorence said.

Lorence also reaffirmed his commitment to the race: "As we move forward, I am more committed than ever to serving North Central Iowa and making our state better for everyone.”

Brown’s Tenure and Contributions

Waylon Brown has been a prominent figure in the Iowa Senate since he first took office in 2017 after defeating a Democratic incumbent. During his time in the Senate, Brown has been recognized for his leadership and contributions to various legislative efforts.

His resignation has sparked curiosity and concern among his supporters and political analysts alike, as the reasons behind his decision remain undisclosed. The abrupt nature of his departure, especially following a primary win, adds to the intrigue. Brown’s role as the Senate Majority Whip involved rallying party members and advancing legislative priorities.


Waylon Brown’s resignation as Iowa state Senate Majority Whip has created a significant shift in the political landscape just months before the general election. Despite winning the primary election against Doug Campbell, Brown chose to step down without explanation, leaving his supporters and colleagues in speculation.

Republicans must now swiftly nominate a new candidate to replace Brown while Democrat Rich Lorence continues to push forward in his campaign for the November election. As the situation unfolds, the focus remains on who will take up the mantle and how this change will impact the future of North Central Iowa’s representation.

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