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 June 15, 2024

Ivanka Trump Shares Birthday Wishes for Father

Ivanka Trump marked her father's 78th birthday with heartfelt social media posts.

Donald Trump received birthday greetings from his children, including Ivanka, sparking speculation about her potential return to politics, as Newsweek reports, seemingly scuttling rumors of a rift.

The former president, who turned 78 on Friday, was showered with affectionate messages from his family. Ivanka Trump, his second-oldest child, commemorated the occasion with several personal photos shared on social media. These images ranged from moments at the White House to a childhood snapshot of them holding hands.

Ivanka Trump posted a heartfelt message alongside the photos, stating her unwavering love for her father. "Happy birthday Dad! @realDonaldTrump I love you today and every day!" she shared. One of the images was a throwback photo from a 1997 New Yorker profile, highlighting their strong bond over the years.

Eric Trump, another of Donald Trump's children, also shared a warm note on Instagram with a childhood picture of him and his father, accompanied by American flag emojis and the message, "Happy Birthday to this warrior! @realdonaldtrump." Lara Trump, Eric's wife, extended her greetings through her Instagram stories.

Donald Trump Marks Birthday at Las Vegas Rally

Tiffany Trump, Donald's youngest daughter with Marla Maples, also participated in the online celebration. She posted a cherished photo from her November 2022 wedding at Mar-a-Lago, expressing her affectionate regards.

The former president referenced his birthday at a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday. He acknowledged the mixed feelings many people have about aging, saying, "There's a certain point at which you don't want to hear 'Happy Birthday.' You just want to pretend the day doesn't exist."

If Trump wins the 2024 election, he will become the oldest U.S. president at his inauguration, at 78 years and 219 days old, surpassing Joe Biden's record. This would place a renewed focus on age in the political sphere, particularly with Biden also being a contender for the next election.

Ivanka Trump's Future in Politics

Ivanka Trump, who served as a senior adviser during her father's presidency, left the political scene after the 2020 election along with her husband, Jared Kushner. In November 2022, she stated her intention to concentrate on her family life, prioritizing her children and their private lives.

"I love my father very much," Ivanka said at the time. "This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family. I do not plan to be involved in politics."

Nonetheless, recent reports hint at a possible change in her stance. Sources close to Ivanka, as reported by Puck News, indicate that she might be reconsidering her decision and could potentially support her father's 2024 campaign.

Speculation on Ivanka's Return

According to a source, after a long period of ruling out a return to politics, Ivanka is becoming more open to the idea. "It's getting more real, it's revving up," the source noted. This development has sparked interest and speculation about her future involvement in her father's political endeavors. The dynamics of the Trump family have always played a role in American politics, and Ivanka's possible return could significantly impact the 2024 campaign.

In summary, Donald Trump's 78th birthday was marked by warm messages and photographs from his children, including Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany. Ivanka's potential reconsideration of her political hiatus adds another layer of intrigue, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the Trump family's influence.

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