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 June 13, 2024

IX Judiciary Ruling Marks Landmark Victory for Women's Sports

A federal judge in Texas blocked the proposed reinterpretation, dealing a major blow to President Joe Biden's recent changes to Title IX.

Judge Reed O'Connor ruled against the administration's effort to include "gender identity" as equivalent to biological sex, stating the changes were implemented without appropriate legal procedures and exceeded governmental authority.

According to PJ Media, President Joe Biden sought to alter Title IX in April, aiming to treat "gender identity" on the same grounds as biological sex. This decision would have permitted biological males to join women's sports teams and access scholarships, locker rooms, and single-sex housing designated specifically for women.

Texas Judge's Ruling Halts Title IX Changes

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spearheaded the legal opposition to Biden's move. On Wednesday, Judge Reed O'Connor ruled decisively against the administration, condemning the actions as "unlawful" and beyond their granted authority.

Title IX, a historical statute addressing educational rights, clearly references biological sex and does not make provisions for "gender identity" or "gender expression." Paxton's lawsuit argued that the Biden administration’s policy was inconsistent with the intent and text of the original law.

Judge O'Connor's ruling declared that the Department of Education's approach was an “unlawful agency action.” He specifically criticized the administration for failing to adhere to required notice and comment procedures before implementing the controversial change.

Schools Confront "Impossible Choice" Amid Conflicting Laws

The implications of the ruling are profound for federally funded schools. According to O'Connor, the administration's guidance documents placed educational institutions in an untenable position, compelling them to choose between revising policies in conflict with state laws or risking significant financial penalties.

With Biden’s guidance in place, schools faced substantial risks. They were caught between complying with federal directives or adhering to existing state statutes, both presenting serious consequences. "That is not how our democratic system functions," Judge O’Connor declared in his written ruling, emphasizing that the power to redefine statutory terms like "sex" is reserved for Congress.

Redefining "Sex" Remains Under Congressional Authority

The decision underscores the ongoing challenge of addressing evolving societal norms within the framework of established laws. Judge O'Connor sharply rebuked the administration’s attempt to redefine "sex" under Title IX, stating such fundamental changes cannot be enacted unilaterally by the executive branch.

Judge O’Connor noted, “Redefining sex in this manner directly contravenes the legislative authority vested in Congress.” This perspective aligns with the view that policy resolutions require a collaborative legislative process and bipartisan support.

Preservation and Future of Women's Sports

Supporters see the ruling as a preservation of women's sports and associated rights. They argue that allowing biological males in female-specific sports and private spaces undermines the purpose of Title IX, which has historically safeguarded opportunities for women and girls.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated that Judge O'Connor's ruling restores clarity and adheres to the original intent of the statute, emphasizing the role of legislation in defining critical terms in federal law. The decision is a key point in the debate over educational rights and gender identity, underscoring that it does not remove any student rights but highlights the necessity for legislative precision.


Judge Reed O’Connor's ruling halts President Biden's modifications to Title IX, maintaining the conventional definition of biological sex in the law and ensuring the rights and protections for women and girls continue in educational settings. Media outlets, including PJ Media, have shown support for keeping traditional distinctions in women's sports. They also highlight the need for continued discussions and precise legislative actions when addressing significant social issues.

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