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 May 17, 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Contact List Heads to Auction

A controversial piece of history is making its way to the auction block.

Jeffrey Epstein's notorious address book, filled with names of influential figures, is set to be auctioned with expectations of reaching bids up to $200,000.

Daily Mail reported that the 'little black book,' previously purchased by an investigator on eBay for a mere $425, has now reached Alexander Historical Auctions. Known for its sinister associations, the book includes 221 contacts not previously disclosed to the public.

Unexpected Finds and Notorious Contents

This unsettling relic, dating back to 1997, was discovered in the 1990s by musician Denise Ondayko on Manhattan's prestigious Fifth Avenue. Its contents have drawn significant attention, primarily due to the high-profile names scribbled within its pages.

Among those listed are individuals such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., financier Carl Icahn, actress Morgan Fairchild, and Christina Greeven, who is married to news anchor Chris Cuomo. Despite the associations, many have fervently denied any links to Epstein.

The manuscript initially went to auction via eBay in 2020, and Denise Ondayko sold it. Chris Helali, an investigative journalist, was the purchaser who later expressed discomfort with its possession. "I’m not superstitious, but it’s an odd feeling owning what is really an evil book," Helali remarked to The New York Post.

Rejection by Major Auction Houses

The book's journey to auction was not without hurdles. Renowned auction houses, including Sotheby's and Christie's, opted out from dealing with it due to the sensitive nature of its history. Eventually, Alexander Historical Auctions took on the task, drawing eyes globally due to the book's infamous legacy.

Chris Helali further noted the unique nature of the item, "It’s unlike anything else in the world and linked to the most infamous case of the 21st century." Such a statement underscores the morbid curiosity and historical importance that surrounds the book.

Bill Panagopulos, president of Alexander Historical Auctions, assured that neither Epstein's estate nor any individuals named within the book are involved with the auction. "As far as I know, Mr. Epstein's estate is in no way involved in any manner," he confirmed.

Details of the Upcoming Auction

The auction has set stringent procedures for potential buyers. It requires a two-day notice to preview the book and is scheduled to conclude on June 15. This will include a final session where top bidders will get a chance to increase their offers.

Panagopulos also made it clear about the destination of the proceeds, stating, "As for the proceeds of the sale, I can say with a great deal of confidence that they will be going to a party that does not, nor ever did have any connection with Mr. Epstein or anyone named in the book."

The anticipation around the auction underscores a broader societal intrigue with Epstein's life and his connections. While some view the auction as an opportunity to own a piece of dubious history, others see it as a reminder of the ongoing implications of Epstein's actions on his associates, whether proven or alleged.

In conclusion, the sale of Jeffrey Epstein's 'little black book' is significant, intertwining legal intrigue, historical documentation, and societal scrutiny. As the auction date approaches, it will undoubtedly continue to generate a mix of curiosity and condemnation from across the globe.

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