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 July 7, 2024

Jill Biden Opposes Calls to Remove Biden from 2024 Race

Jill Biden is reportedly pushing back against Democratic efforts to replace President Joe Biden as the party's 2024 nominee.

Despite pressure from within the Democratic Party, both President Joe Biden and the first lady remain resolute about his re-election campaign, as the Daily Mail reports.

Reports indicate that Mrs. Biden has been vocal about her disapproval of those advocating for a new nominee. According to ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz, the first lady is fervently defending her husband's decision to continue his campaign.

Jill Biden's Influence

Jill Biden's influence appears to be significant within the president's close-knit advisory group. Sources suggest that she is a major force driving President Biden's insistence on staying in the race. The president is said to rely heavily on his inner circle, which includes his wife, his son Hunter, and several unnamed advisors.

One source highlighted the first lady's sway, stating, "The ultimate decision-makers are president Biden and his wife." This perspective underscores the personal and familial motivations behind President Biden's decision, despite internal party pressure.

Democratic Party's Internal Struggles

The Democratic Party is facing internal divisions, with some members advocating for a change in the 2024 nominee. After a debate performance that was widely criticized, calls for Biden to step aside grew louder. Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia is leading a movement within the Senate that seeks to discuss Biden's potential withdrawal.

Meetings among House Democrats and some senators are expected to take place next week to further deliberate on this matter. The push is driven by a belief that Biden's continued candidacy could lead the party to an almost certain defeat in the upcoming election.

Polls are adding to the tensions, with a Reuters/Ipsos survey indicating that a third of Democrats want Biden to exit the race. Furthermore, some polls show former President Donald Trump widening his lead since the debate.

Jill Biden's Public Defense

Jill Biden has been actively defending the president's position in public forums. In a call to Vogue magazine from Camp David, she updated her cover interview and remarked about her husband's widely-panned debate performance, "[We] will not let those 90 minutes define the four years [Joe's] been president. We will continue to fight."

The Bidens spent the last weekend at the presidential getaway for a post-debate debriefing and a photoshoot with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. During this time, aides were reportedly instructed to remain strong and committed. One senior administration official reassured staff by saying, "We'll weather the storm, just like we always have."

President Biden's efforts to explain his debate performance included citing exhaustion and a bad cold. He mentioned undergoing more medical attention than publicly revealed, including a COVID-19 test, which came back negative.

Biden's Determination

President Biden remains steadfast, declaring his intent to stay in the race irrespective of the criticism and pressures from within his party. When asked about reviewing the debate performance, Biden indicated uncertainty, responding, "I don't think I did, no." He downplayed health concerns, asserting that he is still in good condition overall. "Can I run the 100 in 10 flat? No. But I'm still in good shape," he stated.

The complicated dynamics within the Democratic Party highlight significant challenges as the 2024 election approaches. Nonetheless, the unwavering support from Jill Biden and a tight-knit group of advisors serves as a strong backbone for President Biden, emphasizing his resolve to pursue another term in office.

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