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 June 10, 2024

Jill Biden Returns for Hunter’s Trial, Travels Back to France

In a swift journey from France to Delaware, First Lady Jill Biden returned to support her stepson, Hunter Biden, during his trial.

Fox News reported that she traveled at taxpayers' expense to attend the trial and then returned to France for a state visit.

Jill Biden had initially accompanied President Joe Biden to Normandy on Thursday for the 80th anniversary of D-Day commemorations. After honoring the historic event, she flew back to Delaware on Friday. Her purpose was to be present for Hunter Biden’s trial over allegations related to falsifying gun purchase forms and illegal firearm possession.

Jill Biden returned to France on Saturday to continue her state visit duties. Despite the rapid sequence of travels, her dedication to family remained evident. Hunter Biden is facing charges for allegedly lying on a federal form about his drug addiction while purchasing a firearm. The trial has seen him plead not guilty to these accusations.

First Lady’s Costly Travels Scrutinized

The back-and-forth trips came with significant costs. The transportation by modified Boeing 747s designated as Air Force One costs about $200,000 per hour of operation. Additionally, the aircraft known as Air Force Two can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour, although exact figures for Jill Biden's specific travels were not detailed.

Hunter Biden has been steadfast in attending court sessions, accompanied by his stepmother, except for Thursday. In a previous interview from 2022, Jill Biden expressed her support: “I mean, I have to support him and love him, and, you know, I’m constantly talking to him, sending him texts; ‘How are you doing?’ Because it’s tough.”

Despite the travel expenses, the First Lady seems committed to not letting her stepson face his legal battles alone. Her presence in the courtroom highlights her steadfast support and prioritization of family bonds.

President Biden Stays Clear of Son’s Legal Issues

President Joe Biden has chosen not to attend Hunter’s trial, focusing on his presidential duties instead. On Friday, while Jill Biden was in Delaware, President Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Paris. This meeting signified ongoing international collaborations amid personal family challenges.

As the legal proceedings progressed, the prosecution rested its case against Hunter on Friday. The defense is expected to call at least one more witness when the trial resumes on Monday.

Jill Biden's return to Delaware highlights the administration’s challenges in balancing personal and official duties. Hunter Biden’s trial has kept both Biden’s publicly and administratively occupied, further complicating an already multifaceted schedule. The First Lady's commitment to family will undoubtedly continue to draw public attention.

White House Silent on Travel Queries

Fox News Digital contacted the White House to comment on the First Lady's extensive travels but received no immediate response.

Hunter Biden's trial has attracted considerable media attention, focusing on the allegations and the familial dynamics at play. With President Biden opting not to appear, the spotlight shines even more on the First Lady’s visible support.

In summary, Jill Biden's rapid return to Delaware and subsequent travel back to France in support of her stepson has stirred public and media scrutiny. This event underscores the complexities faced by public figures managing personal loyalties alongside professional responsibilities.

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