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 June 20, 2024

Jim Jordan Presses NY AG For Information On Trump Case

Rep. Jim Jordan has warned NY Attorney General Letitia James that he may issue a subpoena if she does not provide information about prosecutor Matt Colangelo's involvement in the Trump hush-money case.

According to Fox News, Jordan’s demand stems from James’ non-compliance with earlier requests for information about a former Justice Department official’s role in the trial.

Jordan's Initial Request

On Tuesday, Jordan sent a letter to AG Letitia James, urging her to provide documents and information concerning Mr. Colangelo, a former Justice Department official now linked to the hush-money trial against Trump. The process began on May 15 when Jordan requested details about Colangelo’s employment at the New York Attorney General’s Office.

Jordan’s letter to James, as reported by The Hill, emphasizes the Supreme Court’s ruling on Congress's wide-ranging oversight powers. These powers encompass inquiries into ongoing and proposed laws, as well as societal and political systems, to enact remedies.

Threat of Subpoena

The letter referenced Rule X of the House Rules, underscoring the Judiciary Committee's jurisdiction over matters concerning criminal justice and civil liberties. Jordan clarified that if the requested documents are not provided by 5:00 p.m. on July 2, 2024, the committee will issue a subpoena to obtain the necessary information.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Colangelo have agreed to testify before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, with the hearing scheduled for July 12. Trump's sentencing in the hush-money case is slated for July 11, adding urgency to Jordan’s request.

Jordan’s efforts are part of the committee's ongoing investigation into what he terms politically motivated prosecutions by state and local officials. Colangelo, who was hired by Bragg in 2022, played a pivotal role in Trump’s trial, handling the opening statement and examining witnesses.

Historical Context

Previously, Jordan had sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland before Trump’s verdict, seeking clarity on the Department of Justice's involvement in Trump’s prosecution. The DOJ responded, stating there had been no contact between federal prosecutors and those handling the hush-money case from January 2021 up to the verdict.

Bragg is currently serving his first term as Manhattan’s district attorney. He is known for previously prosecuting Trump’s company in an unrelated tax fraud case.

Jordan's recent letter captures his intense scrutiny of local prosecutions:

Popularly elected prosecutors, such as New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, have engaged in an unprecedented abuse of authority by prosecuting a former President of the United States and current leading candidate for that office.

Civil Liberties and Oversight

Furthermore, Jordan stressed the importance of preventing politically motivated prosecutions against current and former Presidents:

Among other things, if state or local prosecutors are able to engage in politically motivated prosecutions of Presidents of the United States (current or former) for personal acts, this could have a profound impact on how Presidents choose to exercise their powers while in office.

The committee's letter reiterated their request for James to produce documents by July 2 to avoid a subpoena, stating their readiness to use compulsory measures if needed. The Department of Justice emphasized its independence from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, and Fox News Digital received no immediate response from the New York Attorney General’s Office.


This development highlights the ongoing conflict between federal and state authorities over the pursuit of Trump’s hush-money case and underscores the broader tensions about politically charged prosecutions. With key testimonies scheduled and looming deadlines for compliance, the next few weeks will be crucial in determining the direction of this high-stakes investigation.

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