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 June 4, 2024

Joe Biden Urged Hunter To Seek Help In 2018

In a voicemail obtained by DailyMail, Joe Biden urged his son to seek help just three days after Hunter purchased the gun.

Hunter Biden is currently on trial for allegedly lying about his drug addiction on a federal form to purchase a firearm. Prosecutors argue that evidence from Hunter's laptop and memoir indicates his awareness of his addiction at the time of the purchase.

Voicemail Reveals Presidential Concern Over Son's Addiction

The voicemail, recorded in October 2018, reveals Joe Biden's awareness of his son's struggle with addiction. Hunter Biden is accused of falsely stating he was not a drug addict on a Firearms Transaction Record to buy a Colt Cobra .38 handgun.

Prosecutors argue that Hunter committed three felonies by lying about his sobriety on the federal form. Jury selection began Monday for Hunter's trial, where he faces charges for this alleged false statement.

Evidence From Hunter's Laptop Used in Trial

A picture from Hunter's laptop, showing him posing nude with a firearm, emphasizes his history of drug abuse. Additionally, Hunter's memoir "Beautiful Things" reveals he was a 'full-blown' crack addict at the time of the gun purchase. The book is being used as evidence in the trial to support the prosecution's case.

Prosecutors plan to use texts and photos from Hunter's laptop to demonstrate his addiction when he signed the federal form. Joe Biden's voicemails, though not listed in court filings, are in the possession of prosecutors and may bolster their case.

Joe Biden left another voicemail for Hunter on October 19, 2018, checking on his son's well-being. In these messages, Joe Biden expresses his love and concern, urging Hunter to get help and letting him know he is there for him.

Financial Support And Legal Implications

According to texts Hunter sent to family members, Joe Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars for Hunter's rehab stints. This financial support underscores Joe Biden's ongoing concern for his son's well-being.

Special Prosecutor David Weiss' deputies have hinted at using messages with family members if Hunter's defense claims he didn't know he was an addict. Including Joe Biden's messages in the trial could be controversial, given the Bidens' influence in Delaware.

Firearm Purchase Details And Disposal Incident

Hunter Biden bought a .38 revolver from Starquest Shooters in Delaware on October 12, 2018, which was later thrown away by Hallie Biden, his then-lover and brother's widow, in a supermarket trash bin near a Wilmington high school. The incident led to a police investigation after the firearm was discovered.

This event is part of pre-trial filings that highlight the potential dangers associated with Hunter's actions. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who has advocated for stricter gun regulation and signed a related bill in 2022, faces a stark contrast with this family incident involving firearm mishandling.

Prosecutors' Case Against Hunter Biden

Prosecutors will use material from Hunter's laptop to prove he was knowingly addicted to crack cocaine at the time he signed the federal form. They argue that Hunter's false statement on the firearm report constitutes a federal offense. In a pre-trial filing, prosecutors stated that they may use messages with family members to counter any defense claims that Hunter did not know he was an addict.

Hunter Biden's trial for allegedly lying about his drug addiction on a federal form to purchase a gun brings to light complex family dynamics and legal challenges. Joe Biden's voicemails, expressing concern for his son's well-being, highlight the personal struggles within the Biden family. As the trial progresses, evidence from Hunter's laptop and memoir will play a crucial role in the prosecution's case.

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