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 February 16, 2024

Joe Manchin Teases 3rd Party Presidential Ticket

In a time when political divisions seem insurmountable, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia brings a glimmer of hope for those yearning for middle ground.

According to Fox News, considering a third-party presidential run, Senator Joe Manchin has discussed potential running mates, signaling a centrist approach to politics that aims to bridge the current divide.

Senator Manchin, during a breakfast forum at the City Club of Cleveland, attended by an audience of about 150, floated the idea of a third-party presidential ticket. The forum, led by City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop, became a platform for Manchin to express his political frustrations and aspirations.

Despite his musings about a presidential bid, Manchin clarified, "Guys, listen, I’m not running for anything," underscoring his main aim to encourage more Americans to participate in the political process.

A Centrist Approach to American Politics

Senator Manchin's consideration of Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and former Senator Rob Portman of Ohio as potential vice-presidential candidates highlights his search for moderation in the increasingly polarized political landscape of the United States.

Both men, like Manchin, are known for their centrist positions and have demonstrated a willingness to cross party lines. This move suggests a strategic alignment towards a more unified political middle ground.

In addition, Senator Manchin and Senator Romney have made public their decision not to seek re-election to the Senate in 2024. This announcement has fueled speculation about their political future and the potential for a third-party candidacy. Manchin's discussions about a possible presidential run reflect his deep-seated belief in the need for a political course correction in the U.S., away from the extremities of the current bipartisan divide.

A Call Against Political Extremism

Manchin's dissatisfaction with the current state of U.S. politics is not just rhetoric. It is also evident in the actions of his daughter, Heather Manchin, who founded "Americans Together."

This nonprofit organization aims to rally moderate voters and counteract political extremism. The campaign's website voices a strong opposition to political extremism, advocating for a political environment where the country's needs are prioritized over party allegiance.

"Hypothetically, if I was picking my running mate… really, who I would ask right now is Mitt Romney," Manchin mused, indicating his high regard for Romney's political stance and integrity. He also praised Rob Portman as "a dear friend" and "a good man," showcasing the personal connections and mutual respect that could underpin a centrist presidential ticket.

A Decision Post Super Tuesday

According to Manchin, the decision regarding whether to enter the presidential race will come after Super Tuesday. This timing suggests that Manchin is waiting to gauge the political climate and the viability of a third-party run based on the outcomes of the primaries.

His statement, "Super Tuesday pretty much confirms whatever is going to happen, what we believe will happen, and we'll see where we go from there," reflects strategic patience in determining the best course of action.

Fox News Digital's outreach to Romney and Portman for comments on Manchin's statements adds another layer of anticipation to this unfolding political narrative. As the nation waits for its response, the possibility of a centrist third-party ticket remains a topic of significant interest and speculation.


Senator Joe Manchin's contemplation of a third-party presidential run with potential running mates like Senator Mitt Romney or former Senator Rob Portman represents a significant moment in contemporary American politics. It reflects a desire for a centrist path forward, away from the polarization that currently defines the political landscape.

The discussions, the proposed nonprofit efforts, and the strategic timing of a decision post-Super Tuesday all highlight a yearning for political engagement and moderation. As the U.S. approaches another presidential election, the potential impact of these developments on the political spectrum and voter sentiment remains to be seen, underscoring the ongoing evolution of American democracy.

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