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 June 26, 2024

Judge Considers Motions in Records Lawsuit Against Fulton County DA

A Fulton County judge recently presided over a hearing for a lawsuit alleging open records violations by the District Attorney’s Office.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Judge Rachel Krause postponed a decision on a motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office violated the Georgia Open Records Act.

The hearing commenced at 9 a.m. and is linked to a broader election interference case involving the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

According to WQAD, Ashleigh Merchant's Law Firm initiated the lawsuit on behalf of Michael Roman, a co-defendant in the ongoing election interference case involving former President Donald Trump and his associates.

Central to the lawsuit are claims about District Attorney Fani Willis's interactions with former special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The plaintiffs argue that the District Attorney’s Office did not provide the requested documents pertaining to Wade, raising serious transparency concerns.

Suit Filed Over Missing Documents

The initial filing for the lawsuit dates back to January, prompted by questions regarding DA Willis's relationship with Nathan Wade. According to the suit, the District Attorney’s Office has been unable to provide crucial documents related to Wade's role and relationship with the office.

Both the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and Fulton County itself have sought to dismiss the lawsuit. They have each submitted motions to that effect, arguing that the lawsuit’s claims are without merit.

The District Attorney’s Office contends that all relevant documents have been provided and that the lawsuit is a case of "pure gamesmanship."

County Defends Its Role in the Case

Fulton County's defense is premised on the assertion that they should not be implicated in the lawsuit. They argue that the open records requests in question were directed at the District Attorney’s Office, not the county itself.

Judge Rachel Krause opted to avoid a rushed adjudication. Instead of ruling immediately on the motion to dismiss, she awarded the plaintiffs an additional 20 days to respond to the motions. This decision was made on Tuesday, June 25.

The plaintiffs, represented by Ashleigh Merchant's Law Firm, now have until mid-July to provide their rebuttal to the dismissals planned by the District Attorney’s Office and Fulton County. This extra time could prove pivotal in shaping the legal discourse surrounding the lawsuit.

Next Steps in the Legal Battle

The District Attorney's Office maintains that it has met all requirements under the Georgia Open Records Act and asserts that the plaintiffs’ accusations lack substantial basis. Questions about Nathan Wade’s involvement and the transparency of the District Attorney’s Office persist.

The lawsuit has significant implications for the immediate election interference case and broader issues of governmental transparency in Georgia. This context is deeply intertwined with the ongoing election interference case involving former President Trump and his allies, with Michael Roman’s involvement highlighting the high stakes of these legal battles.

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