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 June 14, 2024

Judge Glanville Faces Recusal Demands in Young Thug Trial

In the high-stakes YSL trial, Judge Ural Glanville is under intense scrutiny, leading to widespread calls for his removal.

Judge Glanville is facing increasing pressure to recuse himself following a heated exchange with defense attorney Brian Steel and a series of controversial decisions that many believe have tainted the trial's impartiality.

According to Newsweek, the controversy erupted when Judge Glanville found Brian Steel, defense attorney for rapper Young Thug (legal name Jeffrey Williams), in criminal contempt. Steel was sentenced to 20 days in jail for withholding the source of his information about a private meeting in Glanville’s chambers.

This private meeting included Judge Glanville, prosecutors, state witness Kenneth Copeland (known as Lil Woody), and Copeland’s attorney. Steel subsequently filed a mistrial motion, accusing the judge and District Attorney Fani Willis of witness tampering.

Steel’s Sentence on Hold Pending Appeal

The Georgia Supreme Court intervened by staying Steel's sentence during his appeal. This move has intensified discussions about Judge Glanville's behavior and its impact on the trial.

On June 12, 2024, defense attorney Doug Weinstein, who represents Deamonte Kendrick (aka Yak Gotti), escalated the situation by filing a motion for Glanville's recusal and a halt to the trial.

Weinstein argued that the defense was not notified of the meeting and accused the judge of intimidating witnesses. Judge Glanville dismissed Weinstein's motion on the same day despite the mounting legal arguments against his actions.

Legal Experts Criticize Judge’s Conduct

Prominent legal figures have questioned the fairness of the trial under Judge Glanville’s supervision. Atlanta-based appellate attorney Andrew Fleischman commented on the seriousness of threatening those who seek a judge's recusal.

Legal commentator Pam Keith criticized the judge's handling of the criminal contempt issue, arguing he should have recused himself due to his involvement in the contested meeting. Similarly, Georgia State University law professor Anthony Michael Kreis expressed surprise at Glanville's refusal to reconsider his actions.

Judge Glanville also declined to issue a certificate of immediate review, which would have allowed another judge to evaluate his potential recusal, further fueling criticisms.

Background and Continuing Controversy

The trial, which began with the indictment of 28 individuals, including Williams and Kendrick, on gang-related charges under the RICO Act, has been contentious from the start. Williams’ defense maintains that YSL is a legitimate record label known as Young Stoner Life, not a criminal organization.

Ashleigh Merchant, another legal commentator, highlighted Steel's right to due process and a fair judge, emphasizing the importance of neutrality in his case. Phil Holloway, a conservative legal analyst, underscored the necessity of having a different judge hear recusal motions in Georgia, suggesting that the trial's integrity is now in question.


Judge Ural Glanville faces intense scrutiny and calls for removal after a series of controversial decisions, including a heated exchange with defense attorney Brian Steel and finding Steel in criminal contempt for withholding information. The controversy has escalated with defense motions for Judge Glanville's recusal, alleging witness intimidation and lack of transparency about a private meeting with a state witness. Despite legal challenges and criticism from prominent legal figures about the fairness of the trial, Glanville has refused to step down.

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