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 June 20, 2024

Judge's Meeting With Prosecutors Puts Trial at Risk

The ongoing RICO trial against alleged YSL gang members has taken a controversial turn as the presiding judge, Ural Glanville, faces a recusal motion due to a private meeting with the prosecution, a state witness, and the witness's counsel.

According to Newsweek, Judge Ural Glanville is spearheading the high-profile case involving several alleged YSL gang members, including Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug. The case has attracted considerable attention not only because of its high-profile defendant but also due to the alleged procedural missteps.

Judge Glanville Faces Recusal Motion

In a dramatic turn of events, Judge Glanville held a private meeting with District Attorney Fani Willis' office, a state witness, and the witness's counsel. This action prompted defense attorneys, particularly Brian Steel, who represents Young Thug, to file a motion seeking Glanville's recusal.

Steel accused Glanville of improperly aligning with the prosecution and influencing a state witness to testify. Michael McAuliffe, a former federal prosecutor, described the motion as "aggressive and controversial." He suggested the defense might be aiming to force a mistrial by injecting controversy into the lengthy proceedings.

Trial Drama Intensifies

The RICO indictment lists Young Thug among 27 defendants, though only six are currently on trial. The trial has been ongoing for nearly seven months, with expectations it will continue into 2025. Legal complexities have made the case challenging, with Anthony Michael Kreis, an assistant professor, noting that there are more lawyers than defendants.

Steel's motion asserts that Young Thug has been deprived of his constitutional right to ethical prosecutors due to the district attorney's alleged misconduct. The defense claims the DA's office worked in concert with Judge Glanville to gain an unlawful advantage through witness intimidation and coercion.

Controversies During the Trial

Judge Glanville's courtroom has seen a fair share of drama in recent weeks. The legal proceedings have been marred by various controversies, including an incident where a defendant was stabbed in jail and another where drugs were distributed within the courtroom.

Judge Glanville sentenced defense attorney Brian Steel to jail for refusing to reveal his sources, an incident that Neama Rahmani believes was more embarrassing for the judge than the DA's office. However, Willis' office continues to face criticism for a series of perceived missteps.

Fani Willis' Office Under Scrutiny

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has faced mounting criticism. In addition to the current case's controversies, Willis faced backlash for hiring her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, as special counsel in another case, which led to his disqualification. Rahmani commented that Willis' office seems out of control and has botched both cases due to these errors.

Kreis added that an ex parte meeting should never have been sought by the prosecutors. Additionally, there is a widespread perception that Fulton County's legal proceedings are unraveling into chaos, partly due to the ongoing controversies.

Legal Experts Weigh In

Legal experts have offered varying perspectives on the challenges facing the current trial. Michael McAuliffe believes the defense's strategy is to induce chaos and force a mistrial. Anthony Michael Kreis observed that the case, inherently complex, has become more problematic by focusing on personalities rather than the evidence.

"This case was always going to be a beast to try," Kreis remarked, highlighting the difficulties posed by the legal complexities and the involvement of numerous lawyers and defendants.


The RICO case against alleged YSL gang members, including Young Thug, has faced significant turmoil, particularly due to Judge Glanville's controversial private meeting with prosecutors. Defense attorney Brian Steel’s motion for recusal highlights claims of judicial bias, prosecutorial misconduct, and overall trial disorder. The trial, already fraught with multiple controversies, continues to challenge the legal system's capacity to administer justice fairly. As the proceedings unfold, the case remains a focal point for discussions on judicial ethics and prosecutorial conduct in high-stakes trials.

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