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 June 12, 2024

Juror Dismisses Hunter Biden's Case Defense

A Delaware jury found Hunter Biden guilty on all federal gun charges related to his 2018 firearm purchase.

A juror from Hunter Biden's gun crime trial expressed skepticism about the defense's 7-Eleven narrative and emphasized that "nobody is above the law."

Fox News reported that this verdict was reached after only three hours of deliberation in Wilmington, Delaware. A juror from Sussex County provided insights into the jury's decision-making process, expressing disbelief in Biden's defense.

Juror's Critique of Defense's Argument

The 68-year-old juror, speaking to Fox News, revealed skepticism about the defense's claim. Biden had stated that he went to a 7-Eleven to purchase coffee, but the juror suggested he was actually buying drugs.

Prosecutors argued Biden was contacting drug dealers when he met someone at a convenience store at 5 a.m. Biden’s texts and memoir, "Beautiful Things," supported this claim, describing 7-Elevens as places where he would buy drugs.

With no prior knowledge of the case or political bias, the juror found the deliberations deeply personal. They had family members with experiences in gun ownership and drug addiction.

Prosecution's Case Against Hunter Biden

The jury found Hunter Biden guilty of making false statements in purchasing a gun. He misled officials about his drug use on ATF Form 4473 in October 2018. Biden was also convicted of making false statements to a federally licensed gun dealer.

Additionally, he was found guilty of possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user or addict of controlled substances. The trial lasted six and a half days and included emotional testimonies from Biden’s family. Testimonies came from his daughter, Naomi Biden, ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, and his sister-in-law turned girlfriend, Hallie Biden.

The Implications of the Verdict

Hunter Biden's fight against addiction has been public, yet it did not sway the jury. Instead, the juror described the process as an equal application of justice.

Prosecutors meticulously aimed to prove Biden’s deception when purchasing the firearm from StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply in Wilmington. They presented evidence to show that Biden lied on the necessary forms.

The defense's argument about Biden visiting a 7-Eleven for coffee did not convince the jury. Instead, the evidence pointed towards attempts to procure illegal substances.

The Public and Personal Impact

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, faced a robust legal challenge. The public nature of the trial and the involvement of the family added layers of complexity. The testimonies from his close relations provided emotional depth. They illustrated the struggles and personal battles intertwined with the legal proceedings.

As the trial concluded, the juror reflected on the emotional impact. They were affected by the gravity of the case but found clarity in the deliberation process, leading to the unanimous guilty verdict. In closing, Hunter Biden's trial highlighted significant legal and personal battles. The jury’s decision underscores the principle that truth and justice prevail, irrespective of one's background or connections.

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