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 June 5, 2024

Juror Excused From Hunter Biden Trial Before Statements

Judge Maryellen Noreika excused juror number 16 from Hunter Biden’s gun trial because she could not attend due to travel constraints. 

Breitbart News reported that the juror, who had qualified Monday, was excused after emailing the court about her hour-long travel time. She had limited knowledge about the case and indicated her mother owned a gun without knowing the paperwork process.

The trial continues with opening statements and examining evidence, including text messages and excerpts from Hunter Biden's memoir. His family and legal team are in attendance.

An alternate will replace an excused juror, although it has not been specified which alternate will fill the position. The pool of current alternates consists of four women, each coming from diverse backgrounds and holding different views on gun ownership.

Alternates and Jury Composition Details

The alternates include a woman experienced in jury service, an administrative specialist who supports stricter gun laws, a woman who relies on her father and other sources for news, and a woman who has previously donated to Barack Obama. Jury selection was completed on Monday afternoon, resulting in a panel of 12 jurors divided equally between men and women.

The jury features a woman who previously worked for the Secret Service. All four alternates are women. This diverse group is set to hear the case against Hunter Biden, which centers on his gun ownership and related legal matters.

Special Counsel David Weiss's office has scheduled opening statements for 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday. However, not all jurors arrived on time, leading to a slight delay in the proceedings.

Evidence and Testimonies Scheduled

Before the start of the trial, Judge Noreika reviewed rulings on permissible evidence. Specific texts, photos, and excerpts from Hunter Biden’s memoir "Beautiful Things” are expected to be presented.

Photos placing Hunter Biden in specific locations, including Malibu, California, and Wilmington, were discussed. Noreika questioned the relevance of these photos, with Prosecutor Derek Hines clarifying their importance in establishing Hunter's whereabouts.

The first witness scheduled is FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen. Jensen will introduce evidence on Hunter Biden’s text messages and memoir excerpts, which are pivotal to the prosecution's case.

Family Presence and Daily Communications

Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, his stepmother, First Lady Jill Biden, and his Hollywood lawyer, Kevin Morris, attended Tuesday’s proceedings. Their presence underscores the significant personal support Hunter Biden is receiving during this trial.

President Joe Biden plans to have daily phone conversations with Hunter during the trial. This regular communication reflects the close-knit nature of the Biden family amid legal challenges.

In summary, the excusal of juror number 16 due to travel constraints necessitates the selection of an alternate juror. The trial proceeds with opening statements and the introduction of evidence, focusing on Hunter Biden’s texts and memoir excerpts.  Judge Noreika's scrutiny of evidence and the involvement of Special Counsel David Weiss highlight the trial's significance. The ongoing support from President Joe Biden emphasizes the personal dimensions of this legal battle.

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