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 June 11, 2024

Jurors To Continue Deliberations Tuesday In Hunter Biden Gun Trial

Jury deliberations will continue Tuesday in Hunter Biden's federal gun crime trial, where he may testify as the defense calls witnesses this week.

Jurors are deliberating in a criminal case against Hunter Biden concerning a gun he purchased in 2018 while allegedly addicted to crack cocaine.

Fox News reported that jurors began discussing the case Monday but only deliberated briefly. They resumed their deliberations on Tuesday, focusing on three felony charges related to Biden’s 2018 gun purchase.

Political Spotlight On The Biden Family

The trial occurs in the shadow of President Joe Biden's re-election campaign, drawing significant media and political attention. Hunter Biden is accused of buying the firearm during a period when he was purportedly addicted to drugs, which prosecutors argue disqualified him from legally making the purchase.

Prosecutor Leo Wise presented what he claimed was compelling evidence, including testimony from Hunter's ex-wife, former girlfriends, and photographic evidence featuring drug paraphernalia. Wise stated, “He knew he was using drugs. That’s what the evidence shows. And he knew he was addicted to drugs. That’s what the evidence shows.”

Hunter Biden's defense lawyer, Abbe Lowell, countered this argument by stressing that Hunter did not regard himself as an "addict" at the time of the purchase. Lowell implored the jury to consider the law requirements in Harris’s case, emphasizing, “With my last breath in this case, I ask for the only verdict that will hold the prosecutors to what the law requires of them” — a verdict of not guilty.

Family Presence And Evidentiary Arguments

The Biden family, including First Lady Jill Biden, attended the trial regularly, showing their support for Hunter. Prosecutors argued the family’s presence in the court is not considered part of the evidence.

Prosecutor Wise remarked poignantly, “All of this is not evidence. People sitting in the gallery are not evidence.” The defense was steadfast, insisting the case presented by prosecutors heavily relied on circumstantial evidence.

Despite the accusations, it was noted that no one saw Hunter use drugs during the 11 days in which he possessed the firearm, which Hallie Biden, Hunter's sister-in-law, later discarded. They also highlighted that Hunter completed a rehabilitation program by the end of August 2018.

Deal Collapse And Further Indictment

Hunter Biden had previously aimed to secure a plea deal in 2023 to resolve the investigation. Had this agreement succeeded, it would have only resulted in probation.

However, U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika’s scrutiny led to the collapse of the plea deal. In the wake of the deal's failure, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as a special counsel, which resulted in Hunter's indictment in September 2023.

The current legal charges, which are serious and could result in up to 25 years in prison, are a significant escalation compared to the proposed plea deal, which would have merely resulted in probation charges. The jury continues their deliberations on the intricate and politically charged case. The anticipation of the verdict holds significant weight, especially given the broader implications for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.


Summarizing the case, Hunter Biden faces three felony charges concerning a 2018 gun purchase. Prosecutors allege he was addicted to drugs at the time of the purchase, while his defense argues against such claims, stating there is considerable reliance on circumstantial evidence. Key witnesses and photographic evidence have been pivotal in the prosecution’s case while Hunter’s defense counters with arguments based on his personal interpretation at the time and completion of a rehab program in August 2018.

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