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 July 3, 2024

Kamala Harris Adjusts Schedule to Support Biden Amidst Speculation

Daily Mail reported that Vice President Kamala Harris is revising her schedule to demonstrate strong support for President Joe Biden amid increasing calls for him to step down.

Harris plans to engage in high-profile activities with Biden, emphasizing her crucial role in the administration and as a potential successor.

Harris is altering her plans this week, including having lunch with President Biden at the White House on Wednesday. This move is seen as a clear indication of her support for Biden, who is facing scrutiny following his recent debate performance.

Harris and Biden to Celebrate Fourth of July Together

On Thursday evening, Harris, along with her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, will join President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for a Fourth of July celebration at the White House. The event is dedicated to honoring military families, veterans, caregivers, and survivors, underscoring the administration's commitment to these groups.

Currently, Harris and Emhoff are in California, actively fundraising for Biden's re-election campaign. They observed Biden's debate performance from the West Coast, a debate that has stirred significant political discourse.

The couple is scheduled to return to Washington D.C. on Tuesday evening, just in time for the critical mid-week engagements. This timing is crucial as it aligns with heightened political activity and speculation.

Calls for Biden's Withdrawal After Debate

The calls for President Biden to exit the race have emerged prominently following his debate with Trump. Despite these calls, Harris has firmly defended Biden, acknowledging that while the debate was not his strongest moment, he remains capable of defeating Trump in the upcoming election.

At a campaign event in Las Vegas on Friday, Harris stated:

There are three things that were true yesterday before the debate that are still true today. Let's level set on this. First, the stakes of this race could not be higher. Second, the contrast in this election could not be more stark. And third, we believe in our President Joe Biden and what he stands for. This race will not be decided by one night in June.

The Biden campaign maintains its stance that he will continue as the Democratic nominee despite the challenges posed by recent events. This resolve is critical as the campaign navigates through a period of demoralized staff and donors threatening to withdraw their support.

Harris as a Potential Successor

Harris is seen as a potential beneficiary if Biden were to step down, making her a likely successor. Although this scenario would not guarantee her the nomination, she would certainly be a frontrunner.

Her financial advantage over other potential contenders is significant. The millions of dollars raised for Biden's re-election campaign can legally only be redirected to her as his running mate. This financial edge is a critical factor in the highly competitive political landscape.

Harris's name appears alongside Biden's on all Federal Election Commission filings, which further cements her position within the campaign infrastructure. This alignment is crucial as it positions her favorably within the party's framework.


Vice President Kamala Harris is actively supporting President Biden amid resignation calls post-debate with Trump, highlighting her role and potential as his successor. She and her husband will celebrate July 4th in Washington, D.C., with military families, demonstrating their commitment. Harris defends Biden's capability and is seen as a strong successor with financial and demographic advantages for the campaign.

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