Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 3, 2024

Kamala Harris Adjusts Schedule to Support Biden at White House for Fourth of July Festivities

Kamala Harris has made adjustments to her schedule to lunch with President Joe Biden and join him during this week’s Fourth of July celebrations.

According to Daily Mail, she plans to join him for lunch and attend the Fourth of July White House celebrations.

This situation unfolds as doubts linger about Biden's suitability to remain the Democratic nominee following a difficult debate with Donald Trump.

Harris Shows Solidarity With Biden Amid Debate Fallout

Harris and Biden are scheduled to have lunch together at the White House on Wednesday. On Thursday evening, Harris, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, President Biden, and first lady Jill Biden will attend a Fourth of July celebration at the White House. The event will be held for military and veteran families, caregivers, and survivors.

Harris and Emhoff, currently in California fundraising for Biden's re-election campaign, watched the debate from the West Coast. They are set to return to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday evening. In response to calls for Biden to step down from the race, Harris defended him. She acknowledged it wasn’t his "finest hour" but emphasized his capability to defeat Trump in November.

Harris stated at a campaign event in Las Vegas:

There are three things that were true yesterday before the debate that are still true today. Let's level set on this. First, the stakes of this race could not be higher. Second, the contrast in this election could not be more stark. And third, we believe in our President Joe Biden, and we believe in what he stands for.

Biden Campaign Faces Challenges

The Biden campaign has stated that he will not be stepping down as the Democratic nominee. The president is facing a demoralized staff and donors threatening to withdraw support from his campaign. Harris is viewed as a primary beneficiary of Biden’s poor debate performance and could become the frontrunner if he steps down.

Legally, the millions raised for Biden’s re-election campaign would likely go to Kamala Harris as his running mate. This would give her a financial advantage over other contenders like California Governor Gavin Newsom and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Harris’s name is listed next to Biden’s on all Federal Election Commission filings. Despite polling lower than Biden, Harris' supporters highlight her strong connection with minorities and younger voters, which Biden lacks.

Supporters Emphasize Harris’ Strengths

Harris’ supporters believe her connection with minorities and younger voters could be crucial. They argue that she offers strengths that Biden does not possess, despite her lower poll numbers.

Harris emphasized at a Las Vegas campaign event, "This race will not be decided by one night in June," highlighting the importance of the broader campaign.

While her schedule adjustment may seem minor, it holds substantial political weight. Her visible support for Biden is a strategic move that could influence the campaign's direction.

As the situation unfolds, Harris’ role continues to be pivotal, reflecting a strong commitment to the administration's goals. Her support is a critical element in discussions about the future of the Democratic ticket, highlighting her dedication and potential as a leader within the party.

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