Written by Ashton Snyder on
 March 17, 2024

Kamala Harris Asked To Step Aside By Washington Post Columnist

In a recent column that has sparked widespread discussion, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker made a bold assertion.

Ms. Parker has publicly called for Vice President Kamala Harris to resign from her role, citing a disappointing performance and her negative impact on the Democratic Party's prospects in November, as Fox News reports.

Parker's critique is rooted in what she sees as Harris' inability to fulfill the expectations set for her. Chosen primarily for her demographic appeal, Harris' tenure has been marred by a lack of popular support, Parker argues.

Vice President Harris: A Liability for the Democratic Party?

Parker suggests that President Joe Biden is in a bind. Unable to dismiss Harris without alienating key demographic groups, his administration is stuck with a vice president who has become more of a burden than a boon.

Moreover, Parker doesn't shy away from commenting on Biden's own challenges. She notes his physical and cognitive concerns, despite a relatively successful State of the Union address, adding another layer of complexity to the Democratic leadership's current situation.

The columnist also critiques Harris for her silence, which she posits is a strategy to avoid overshadowing Biden with any potential gaffes. Harris' propensity for making off-the-cuff remarks and her distinctive laugh, according to Parker, are liabilities a vice president can't afford to embody.

Public Perception and Polling Pitfalls

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll underscores Parker's point, placing Vice President Harris's popularity lower than that of both President Biden and former President Donald Trump. With a 52% disapproval rating among registered voters, the vice president's public image appears to be in jeopardy.

Despite this, Harris has defended her readiness and capacity for leadership. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, she expressed confidence in her ability to serve effectively, an assertion that contrasts sharply with the public's perception as highlighted by Parker.

Parker's call for Harris to step aside is not a new approach for the columnist, who has previously suggested similar moves for other political figures. Her insistence that her critique is non-partisan underscores the gravity with which she views the current situation facing the Democratic Party.

Seeking a Path Forward for America

"For the country’s sake, Vice President Harris should step aside," Parker boldly declares in her column's headline. This plea emphasizes the columnist's belief in the need for Harris to consider the greater good over personal ambition.

It's clear that Parker's perspective is driven by a concern for the country's future. She argues that Harris's continued presence on the ticket could spell disaster for the Democratic Party's electoral prospects.

In the end, Parker's column is a call to action -- a suggestion that for the sake of the nation's future, difficult decisions must be made. Her argument that Harris should resign is presented as a necessary step for the Democratic Party to regain its footing and for the country to move forward.

As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen how these critiques will influence the political discourse and the decisions of the Democratic leadership.

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