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 May 27, 2024

Kennedy's Brief Libertarian Nomination Bid Ends

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 's brief candidacy for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination ended quickly. He received only 2.07% of the vote in the first round, eliminating him from the 2024 presidential race.

According to Daily Mail, Kennedy was nominated by a delegate after addressing the convention on Friday. His speech was met with boos from certain delegates, but he managed to secure a brief moment in the spotlight.

However, any initial excitement was quickly overshadowed by confusion regarding Kennedy’s acceptance of the nomination. Concerns arose about whether he had filed the necessary paperwork to enter the race officially.

Kennedy's Nomination Process and Paperwork Confusion

Despite early statements indicating he would remain an independent candidate, the party's Chair, Angela McArdle, confirmed that Kennedy’s paperwork was indeed in order. McArdle stated that Kennedy had accepted the nomination via a FaceTime call.

In the first round of voting, Kennedy received support from only 19 delegates, representing a meager 2.07% of the votes. This led to his swift elimination from the nomination process.

Kennedy's potential as a candidate had stood to significantly impact the 2024 presidential race. Opinion polls previously suggested he could draw votes from both major party candidates.

Potential Consequences of Kennedy's Candidacy

The Libertarian Party, which has access to ballots in more than 37 states, including critical battleground states, could have offered Kennedy a less arduous path to ballot inclusion if he had secured their nomination. Now, as an independent, Kennedy faces the challenge of getting on each state’s ballot separately.

Kennedy laid out a platform to address key issues during his speech, vowing to pardon Edward Snowden and drop charges against Julian Assange. He criticized the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic under both Biden and Trump administrations.

Despite these pledges, there were questions regarding how well Kennedy's policies align with Libertarian values. Debates centered around his support for free markets, opposition to war, and strong stance on constitutional rights.

Responses from Donald Trump and Libertarian Delegates

Former President Donald Trump was also nominated by a delegate but didn't pursue the Libertarian nomination. Trump took to Truth Social to explain his decision, citing his position as the Republican nominee and expressing confidence in attracting Libertarian voters.

Trump’s presence at the convention was marked by a fiery exchange with delegates, during which he criticized their approach to gaining national support. He emphasized the need for unity and practical strategies to achieve electoral success.

After Kennedy’s elimination, his independent bid for president encountered a setback. His journey highlights the complex interplay between third-party dynamics and the broader electoral landscape.

As the Libertarian Party continues to finalize a presidential nominee, the 2024 race remains in flux. Given Kennedy's potential to sway critical votes, both Biden and Trump must watch his next moves closely.

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