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 June 20, 2024

Kevin Costner Denies Romance With Jewel

Kevin Costner has put an end to the swirling rumors about his relationship with singer Jewel, stating that they are nothing more than friends.

According to Fox News, the "Dances with Wolves" star made it clear during a recent interview that their companionship originated during a trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Despite public speculations, there has never been a romantic angle.

During an appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," Costner addressed the speculation head-on. He emphasized the platonic nature of their relationship, pointing out that he and Jewel have never dated. The actor expressed his concern that rumors could potentially damage their friendship.

Kevin Costner Sheds Light On Friendship

Costner's acquaintance with Jewel began when he visited Necker Island, a longtime invitation from Richard Branson that he finally accepted. Branson had been inviting Costner for years, particularly after his February divorce from Christine Baumgartner.

On the flight to the island, Jewel was one of the nine people present, alongside actress Emma Watson. Costner recounted having profound conversations with both women, particularly bonding over shared experiences and intellectual interests.

Costner took the opportunity to clear up specific rumors, particularly those suggesting a private plane trip with Jewel. He clarified that the plane was shared with a small group, including Watson, contradicting talks of a private getaway.

Addressing Public Appearances and Speculations

Despite his candid explanations, photos of Costner and Jewel together in the British Virgin Islands in December fueled speculation about a deeper relationship. The duo was seen closely and interactively, sparking more than a few curious looks.

Although sources hinted at flirtatious behavior and mutual attraction, Costner reiterated during the interview that admiration and friendship should not be misconstrued as romance. He expressed fondness for Jewel, describing her as beautiful and intelligent, but maintained the friendship narrative.

Reports from media outlets such as People magazine and Us Weekly carried comments from sources claiming a significant attraction between the two. Despite these reports, Costner stood firm, expressing his desire to keep their friendship untainted by baseless rumors.

Impact of Rumors on Costner’s Personal Life

Costner also touched on the personal impact these rumors have had on his life, particularly concerning his children. The necessity of explaining unfounded stories to his kids added an additional layer of frustration to the situation.

In April, Jewel commented on the public's intense curiosity regarding their relationship, acknowledging the added pressure it brings. Despite the sensationalized attention, Costner and Jewel continue to emphasize their platonic bond.

Us Weekly reported in the past that the two have known each other for years and enjoy each other's company due to shared values and mutual respect. However, Costner's recent statements have firmly placed these reports into perspective.

Moving Forward with Clear Boundaries

Kevin Costner is cautious about relationships being misinterpreted by the media after his divorce, emphasizing his platonic admiration for Jewel. He expressed his desire to protect their genuine bond from negative media speculation, hoping the public would recognize their intent to stay just good friends. Costner and Jewel are committed to maintaining an honest and supportive friendship despite ongoing rumors.

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