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 June 15, 2024

Kevin Spacey Discusses Africa Trip With Clinton And Epstein

Kevin Spacey has recently opened up about his 2002 trip to Africa with former President Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, providing clarity on his association with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to Huffpost, Spacey insists he had no prior knowledge of Epstein or Maxwell at the time and emphasized he joined the trip due to his longstanding friendship with Clinton. Clinton is once again being put in the spotlight for his connections to the Epstein family, devastating his wife Hillary.

The actor, whose career suffered from numerous sexual assault allegations in 2017, explained that he boarded Epstein’s private jet purely for an "eight-day humanitarian trip" aimed at AIDS prevention and awareness.

Spacey And Clinton's Connection

Spacey stated he was unaware of Epstein’s reputation and only realized the connection in 2015 when rumors began surfacing on social media. He specified that his primary connection to the trip was through Clinton and not Epstein or Maxwell.

"I didn't want to be around this guy because I felt he put the president at risk," Spacey said, referring to Epstein, noting the presence of "young girls" on the flights during the trip.

Epstein, notorious for his involvement in the sex trafficking of minors, was arrested in July 2019 and died under suspicious circumstances in a Manhattan jail cell a month later. In addressing the authenticated flight logs containing his and Clinton’s names, Spacey reiterated that his participation was entirely professional and humanitarian. He maintained that he had no personal relationship with Epstein or Maxwell.

"I was with the Clinton Foundation people. That's who I was with," Spacey emphasized, distancing himself from the convicted financier and his associates. He only came to know about Epstein and his controversial activities much later. Spacey was emphatic about his lack of awareness at the time, saying, "If you'd asked me in 2015…did I know a guy named Jeffrey Epstein, I probably would've said, ‘No.’"

Spacey's Position On Epstein's Crimes

Spacey recollected specific details of the journey, including a visit to Buckingham Palace where they met Prince Andrew. The invitation to meet the prince was reportedly extended by Clinton himself.

Although Maxwell’s presence was noted during the trip, Spacey affirmed he had no significant interactions with her. "This Maxwell woman, she was one of many people to sit down next to me in that throne room," he said.

A representative for Clinton also commented, distancing the former president from Epstein’s illicit activities. The spokesperson reiterated that Clinton had no knowledge of Epstein's "terrible crimes".


Kevin Spacey consistently maintained his innocence, declaring, "I had no relationship with [Epstein]. I mean, he’s not my friend. I am not a confidant…I've never spent time with him."

The revelation of these flight logs has brought renewed scrutiny to those connected with Epstein. However, Spacey’s primary narrative insists that his presence was purely due to his relationship with Clinton and the humanitarian goals of the trip.

Spacey clarified he joined Clinton and Epstein on a charity mission to Africa. He was unaware of Epstein’s connections or reputation. He first learned of Epstein’s activities in 2015 and reiterated his lack of relationship with both Epstein and Maxwell.

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