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 May 16, 2024

Kim Kardashian Reflects on Tom Brady Roast

Kim Kardashian recently faced a tumultuous audience at Netflix's roast of Tom Brady. Despite the harsh reception, comedian Nikki Glaser commended Kardashian for her talent and perseverance.

According to the Daily Beast, Kardashian was among the featured participants in the roast of the legendary NFL quarterback earlier this month. As she stepped up to deliver her piece, she was met with boos from the crowd.

Kevin Hart, who hosted the event, attempted to appease the audience during the disruptive jeers. In the final broadcast, however, the boos were edited out and replaced with sounds of applause and cheers.

A Netflix executive confirmed that these post edits are standard practice for such events and affirmed that Kardashian had neither been consulted about the change nor requested it.

Harsh Environment and Misogynistic Comments

During the roast, comedian Tony Hinchcliffe made disparaging and sexist remarks about Kardashian, which were met with significant backlash from viewers who criticized the comments as offensive and unfunny.

Amid this challenging situation, Kardashian reached out to Nikki Glaser, expressing gratitude for her supportive role during the event. Glaser highlighted this communication on the 'Here To Help' podcast, hosted by Jake Johnson and Gareth Reynolds.

Glaser relayed Kardashian’s compliment, stating that Kardashian praised her roast performance, saying, “You killed it on the roast, pretty much.” Glaser shared her own supportive words in response, acknowledging Kardashian's talent and referring to her past impressive performances.

Nikki Glaser's Acknowledgement and Support

Nikki Glaser acknowledged Kardashian's difficulties during the roast and admired her resilience. She commented on how she tried to support Kardashian throughout the event by making eye contact and silently cheering her on.

Kardashian herself didn’t shy away from expressing the difficulty of the experience, humorously referring to it as "abuse" in her exchanged messages with Glaser.

On the podcast, Glaser shared the messages she received and sent back, illustrating a supportive and encouraging interaction between the two women despite the challenging environment of the roast.

Conclusion of a Challenging Night

In summary, the event highlighted several important issues surrounding live comedy performances and the treatment of women in such settings. The Netflix executive's assertion about post-edits underlined the production norms in such broadcasts.

Kardashian's ability to withstand the raucous crowd and offensive comments revealed her resilience and professionalism. Meanwhile, the dynamic between Kardashian and Glaser illuminated the supportive relationships that can form among performers under duress.

As the story unfolds, it serves as a testament to Kardashian's character and a reflection on the standards and practices within the comedy and entertainment industry.

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