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 June 20, 2024

King Charles Finds Prince Harry's Criticisms of Queen Camilla 'Unforgivable': Expert

Prince Harry's criticism of Queen Camilla is considered "unforgivable" by King Charles, according to a royal expert.

Fox News reported that Harry has been estranged from his family since leaving the royal family in 2020 and moving to California with Meghan Markle. Despite Harry's efforts to reconcile, the rift within the royal family seems as deep as ever.

King Charles Holds Grudges

Reports indicate that King Charles III, who is known to hold grudges, particularly against Prince Harry, has found Harry's public critique of Queen Camilla, detailed in his 2023 memoir Spare, particularly hard to forgive. According to Christopher Andersen, author of The King, Charles views any disparagement of Camilla as unforgivable.

In his memoir, Prince Harry labels Camilla as a villain, accusing her of leaking private conversations to the media for her image, which deeply hurts King Charles and complicates reconciliation. He also describes a loving but complicated relationship with his father, marked by efforts to gain approval while distancing from royal duties and relocating to California.

Tension Between Brothers Escalates

The relationship between Harry and his older brother, Prince William, is another source of tension within the royal family. This relationship has been marred by memories of a fierce argument in 2019, during which Harry claims William physically assaulted him. Both brothers also reportedly opposed Charles’s marriage to Camilla in 2005, viewing it as a betrayal of their mother, Princess Diana.

Andersen suggests that William may find it even harder to forgive Harry than their father does, taking Harry's writings very personally. William's current focus on his wife Kate’s illness has further complicated any potential reconciliation with Harry. Despite Harry's repeated attempts to initiate peace talks, these efforts have largely gone unacknowledged by William and King Charles.

Harry Returns Amid King's Illness

In February 2024, Harry made a rare return to London when King Charles was diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer. Despite this brief reunion, Harry has seen his father infrequently since stepping back from royal duties in 2020.

Harry's memoir also illustrates his mixed feelings about Camilla’s influence within the family, highlighting how she began to be accepted by the late Queen Elizabeth II during the 2002 Trooping the Colour events. This acceptance was a gradual process influenced heavily by the king's insistence.

The sense of betrayal Harry and William feel stems from Charles's broken promise never to crown Camilla as queen, a title she now holds, contrasting with the public sentiment following Diana's tragic death.

Camilla's Growing Influence

As Camilla's influence in the royal family grew, tensions appeared to worsen. Harry's accusations against her, including claims of trading information with the press, added fuel to an already volatile situation. The public acceptance of Camilla was cemented during Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee when, due to Prince Philip's illness, she rode with the queen in a royal carriage.

According to Andersen, it is not only Charles who struggles with Harry’s criticisms. The author indicates that William, known for being "very moody," finds it particularly challenging to move past the allegations made by Harry.

Despite Harry's optimism about mending family ties, his efforts remain unaccepted, showing no signs of improvement. William is also unable to address these issues due to personal crises, including his wife Kate's illness, which demands much of his attention.


The estrangement between King Charles III and Prince Harry continues to trouble the royal family, exacerbated by Harry's unforgiving criticisms of Queen Camilla. Efforts at reconciliation have not borne fruit, as both Charles and William grapple with feelings of betrayal and unresolved familial tensions. Harry’s return to London, prompted by his father’s illness, has done little to mend the familial rift. The future of the royal family’s unity remains uncertain amidst these enduring conflicts.

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