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 May 14, 2024

Krysten Ritter Stuns Wheel of Fortune Fans by Not Knowing Famous NFL Brothers

Actress Krysten Ritter left viewers of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune astonished when she failed to recognize two of the most well-known NFL players, Travis and Jason Kelce, despite successfully solving the puzzle.

Ritter, who starred in Jessica Jones, surprised fans by winning $48,250 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital but admitted she didn't know who the Kelce brothers were.

According to Daily Mail, Krysten Ritter competed against Schitt's Creek actress Sarah Levy and fashion designer Christian Siriano on the popular game show. The puzzle category was 'family,' with the answer being "TRAVIS & JASON KELCE." However, Ritter's mispronunciation of the Kelce surname and her confession of ignorance about the brothers caught viewers off guard.

Confusion and Amusement on Social Media

The show's host, Pat Sajak, seemed puzzled when Ritter solved the puzzle after selecting the letters 'K' and 'C.' Levy, who recognized the Kelce brothers because of Travis's high-profile relationship with pop star Taylor Swift, explained to Ritter that they were football players. Ritter's response, "Well, that's why!" reflected her unfamiliarity with the sports world.

Social media buzzed with reactions ranging from amusement to disbelief. One user tweeted, "Watching Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and I just want to know what rocks these celebrities are living under." Another commenter found humor in the situation, posting, "They had no idea who Travis and Jason Kelce are I'm dying at how lost they were."

Christian Siriano also confessed his ignorance about the Kelce siblings, stating, "I make clothes for a living," highlighting the diverse backgrounds of the celebrity contestants. Some fans expressed admiration for Ritter's lack of sports knowledge, with comments such as, "She should be celebrated for this," and "I didn't know who they were either."

Jason Kelce's Retirement and Travis Kelce's Fame

Jason Kelce recently announced his retirement from the Philadelphia Eagles after a distinguished 13-year career. Meanwhile, his brother Travis Kelce has been in the spotlight for his Super Bowl win with the Kansas City Chiefs and his relationship with Taylor Swift. This high-profile romance has led to speculation about a possible engagement, with sources suggesting the couple might soon discuss marriage.

Chiefs long snapper James Winchester commented on the potential engagement, saying he could "definitely" see the pair getting engaged in the future. A source informed Life & Style that "the timing is right" for the couple, who have been together for almost a year and are "madly in love."

In addition to their football careers, the Kelce brothers co-host the popular "New Heights" podcast. The podcast has garnered significant attention, and there are reports that Amazon is negotiating a substantial nine-figure deal to secure its continuation. Eric Silver, head of development at Multitude, noted that companies are eager to acquire the podcast due to the strong connection the Kelce brothers have with their audience.

Reactions Highlight Varied Celebrity Knowledge

Despite the laughter and support on social media, the incident highlighted the varied interests and knowledge bases of celebrities outside their usual domains. Ritter's genuine surprise and her humility in admitting her lack of sports knowledge resonated with many viewers.

One social media user wrote, "Krysten doesn't know who Jason and Travis Kelce are. And mispronouncing their last name #celebritywheeloffortune," capturing the mix of reactions online. Another fan added, "Kinda makes me like her tbh," indicating that Ritter's candidness had won her some new admirers.

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune episode showcased the unpredictable and entertaining nature of celebrity game shows. It also served as a reminder that even well-known figures like Krysten Ritter and Christian Siriano can be unaware of famous personalities from other fields.

Conclusion Highlights

Krysten Ritter's appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune raised a significant amount for charity and provided a humorous and relatable moment for viewers. Despite solving the puzzle, her unfamiliarity with the Kelce brothers sparked a range of reactions from confusion to admiration. The Kelce brothers continue to make headlines with their successful careers and popular podcasts, while speculation about Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift adds another layer to their public persona. The incident underscored the diversity of knowledge among celebrities and the surprising yet endearing moments that can occur on such shows.

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