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 July 6, 2024

Leaked Polling Predicts Steep Decline for Biden

A recently leaked memo suggests a severe decline in President Joe Biden's political standing following his recent debate performance.

A substantial number of his past supporters are now urging the current White House occupant to end his campaign, while former President Donald Trump continues to gain ground in key areas, as The Blaze reports.

The memo, shared by Puck on Tuesday from left-leaning research group Open Labs, shows a significant drop in Biden's favorability and vote share. It reveals that 40% of those who backed Biden in 2020 believe he should withdraw from the race, contrasted with the 45% who think he should continue.

Debate Performance Triggers Concerns

Two months earlier, only 25% of Biden supporters felt he should step aside, with 62% preferring he remain in the race. The swing in opinion is significant and suggests growing concern among his base.

Additionally, swing voters express a two-to-one margin favoring Biden's withdrawal. The research from Open Labs highlights the largest weekly drop in Biden's vote share since late 2021.

Biden's standing was already four percentage points lower than his 2020 results, indicating a troubling trend for his campaign.

Growing Concerns About Biden's Age

A main factor in Biden's downturn appears to be escalating worries about his age. About 69% of voters now express concern, up by 8% since before the debate.

This includes 45% of those who backed Biden in 2020, 68% of swing voters, and 92% of Trump voters from the last election. The memo indicates these age-related anxieties are a considerable factor in his declining favorability.

Open Labs' document notes that Trump's competitiveness has expanded to states previously not seen as battlegrounds.

Trump Gains Ground in Battleground States

In swing states, Biden's margin has dropped by around 2%, with Trump leading significantly in places like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and other key states.

Even in states such as New Mexico and Virginia, Trump has gained a slight lead. The narrowing leads in Colorado and Maine further highlight Biden's vulnerabilities.

The share of voters seeing Biden "more favorably" has now reached an all-time low of 27%, according to Open Labs' ongoing tracking. This drop in favorability is notable, with similar decreases observed during past crises like the Afghanistan withdrawal and the classified documents case.

Some sources online have suggested that the memo could be a tactic to create a false sense of security among Republicans, potentially leading to voter complacency. However, if Biden continues his campaign against growing internal advice, the consequence could be a profound defeat. His path to re-election appears increasingly fraught with challenges.

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