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 February 27, 2024

Major Haley Donor Pulls Funding After South Carolina Loss

A significant shake-up has occurred within the conservative political landscape.

According to Fox News, AFP Action, the conservative wing funded by the influential Koch Brothers, has ceased its financial support for Nikki Haley's presidential campaign.

Emily Seidel, a senior adviser for AFP Action, detailed this strategic pivot in an email to staff, emphasizing the group's new focus on congressional races instead of the presidential campaign.

This development comes after Politico broke the news, highlighting the unexpected withdrawal of support from a candidate once seen as a formidable contender against the current political backdrop.

In November, AFP Action initially threw its weight behind Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina and United Nations Ambassador, offering grassroots and organizational support to bolster her campaign. This backing included a significant ad campaign launched in January, earmarked with an initial pledge of $27 million, which covered mailers, digital ads, and connected TV spots aimed at propelling Haley to the forefront of the Republican primary race.

Undeterred: Haley's Campaign Forges Ahead

However, Haley's campaign faced a crucial juncture following her defeat in the South Carolina GOP primary to former President Donald Trump. Despite this setback, her campaign raised $1 million from grassroots supporters in less than 24 hours, showcasing her resilient appeal among a segment of the electorate.

Undeterred by the loss and subsequent withdrawal of AFP Action's support, Haley remains steadfast in her commitment to continue her campaign. She emphasizes her unique appeal to broad swathes of the American public, focusing on the 70% of Americans she claims are opposed to a Trump-Biden rematch.

"It’s not the 'end of our story,'" stated Nikki Haley, capturing the essence of her unyielding resolve in the face of mounting challenges. Her campaign's ability to quickly mobilize financial support post-defeat illustrates a significant level of backing among grassroots supporters. Haley's rhetoric has consistently focused on uniting a divided America, positioning herself as a candidate capable of appealing to a broad demographic spectrum.

This narrative of perseverance and determination is further underscored by Haley's own words, praising Americans for Prosperity for their shared values and past support. "Americans for Prosperity was an amazing partner. They strongly believe in freedom, limited government, and all the things that I, as a conservative, believe," Haley remarked, acknowledging the past contributions of AFP Action to her campaign efforts.

Strategic Shifts and Continued Commitment

The strategic realignment by AFP Action, opting to channel its resources towards securing conservative victories in the U.S. Senate and House, marks a notable shift in the landscape of political support within the conservative movement. Emily Seidel's communication to staffers underscored a belief that their efforts would be more materially impactful in these areas rather than continuing to back Haley's bid for the presidency.

Despite the withdrawal of financial support from a key conservative group, Haley's campaign forges ahead, buoyed by a strong fundraising surge and a message that resonates with a significant portion of the American electorate.

Her loss in the South Carolina GOP primary has undeniably narrowed her path against Trump, who has dominated the early primary and caucus landscape. Yet, Haley's resolve remains unshaken as she vows to continue her fight against the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch, a scenario she asserts is unwanted by many Americans.

Nikki Haley's stance in the current political milieu reflects a broader narrative of resilience and adaptability. Her campaign's rapid response to financial and electoral challenges demonstrates Haley's staying power and her appeal to a broad swath of the American public, as she herself articulated. This approach underscores a belief in the possibility of overcoming entrenched political divisions and presenting an alternative vision for America's future.


The withdrawal of AFP Action's support for Nikki Haley's presidential campaign marks a significant moment in the lead-up to the next presidential election. Despite this, Haley's campaign demonstrates resilience, leveraging grassroots support to maintain momentum.

Her unwavering commitment to her campaign and to preventing a Trump-Biden rematch speaks to a broader desire for new leadership among a significant segment of the American electorate. As the political landscape evolves, Haley's journey underscores the challenges and opportunities of seeking the nation's highest office.

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