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 July 1, 2024

Majority Doubt Biden’s Mental Fitness in Recent Poll

A recent poll reveals troubling doubts about President Biden's cognitive and physical fitness.

Recent polls report that a significant majority of voters, 72%, do not believe President Biden has the mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president.

According to the New York Post, in a CBS News/YouGov poll conducted between June 28 and 29, only 27% of respondents expressed confidence in Biden’s mental strength, a drop from 35% in an earlier survey on June 9. This sentiment has extended to his own party, with support among Democratic voters decreasing from 71% to 59% over the same period.

Significant Decline in Confidence Among Democrats

Overall, 72% of the general electorate thinks Biden shouldn't be running for re-election, up from 63% earlier this year. Within his party, confidence has notably waned, with only 54% of Democrats supporting his candidacy as opposed to 64% in February.

These polls show a sharp decline in support for Biden, with many voters concerned about his age, decision-making abilities, past record, and campaign readiness. CNBC cited concerns, with 86% of respondents pointing to Biden's age as a major factor.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are among prominent Democrats who continue to support Biden despite growing unease within the party. Biden acknowledged his debate skills have diminished but remains confident in his overall abilities.

Comparative Polling Data with Trump

In presidential match-up polls, Biden trails former President Donald Trump. According to a Data for Progress survey, 48% of voters would support Trump, compared to 45% for Biden. This survey, which polled 1,011 voters on Friday, also showed Vice President Kamala Harris would lose to Trump by the same margin.

The CBS poll provided similar results, with 50% of respondents expressing confidence in Trump's cognitive capacity, while 49% did not. In the RealClearPolitics average of a multi-candidate race, Trump leads Biden by 2.9 percentage points. Trump maintains a lead in almost all top seven state aggregates in battleground states.

Biden’s Debate Performance Raises Concerns

Biden's performance in debates has been a specific point of concern. His presentation during the Atlanta debate left many Democrats anxious, as he appeared incoherent at times. Voters, however, did find Biden to be more truthful than Trump, with 40% considering him more honest compared to 32% for Trump.

Some of Biden’s close allies criticized the CBS poll for not comparing Biden and Trump in a direct election scenario. Biden himself addressed these concerns, admitting, “I don’t debate as well as I used to,” but emphasized he would not pursue re-election without confidence in his abilities.

Despite the controversy surrounding his cognitive fitness, Biden is expected to be confirmed as the Democratic standard-bearer before the Democratic National Convention in August. This confirmation will likely put to rest some of the internal party debates, though the broader electorate remains skeptical.

Voter Concerns Impact Biden's Re-election Strategy

Doubts about Biden's fitness impact the Democratic Party, complicating his re-election strategy and possibly affecting other races. Despite support from prominent Democrats, Biden must address voter concerns, strengthen his campaign, and align with party goals to regain confidence. This situation highlights the importance of reinforcing his capabilities and preparedness for another term.

In summary, a substantial majority of voters, 72%, doubt President Biden’s mental and cognitive health for the presidency. Support from Democratic voters has notably declined, with just 54% stating he should run for re-election. In comparative polls, Biden trails Trump and debates about his debate performance and overall suitability continue. Despite these challenges, Biden remains confident in his abilities and is set to be confirmed as the Democratic candidate.

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