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 June 24, 2024

Maxine Waters Warns of Potential Violence if Trump Wins

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has voiced grave concerns about the potential for violence if former President Donald Trump wins the upcoming November election.

On a recent episode of MSNBC's "The Saturday Show," Waters expressed fears for public safety, stressing the heightened risk for people of color caused by Trump's rhetoric.

According to Breitbart News, Waters conveyed her anxiety over the possibility of Trump’s return to the White House. The broadcast did not specify the exact interview date but showcased Waters' apprehensions vividly.

Waters, a California Democrat, discussed her trepidations by stating, “I’m very concerned, not only about my safety and not only about the safety of members of Congress. I’m concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color.”

Concerns Beyond Personal Safety

During the interview, Capehart inquired about Waters' personal safety in light of her vocal opposition to Trump. Responding thoughtfully, Waters expanded her concerns beyond her well-being. She emphasized the broader threat, particularly to minority communities.

She cited Trump’s repeated claims of election fraud and his provocative statements about civil war and violence. According to Waters, these statements have already spurred heightened fears among various populations.

“Donald Trump has said that if he does not win, it is going to be fraud, and because it is going to be fraud, there will be blood in the streets,” Waters added. “He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there’s going to be violence.”

Historical Context of Concern

Waters recalled the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, to underscore her point. She drew parallels between that day's violence and the potential future unrest that could follow a Trump victory.

Reflecting on the insurrection, Waters stated, “I do believe having listened to Donald Trump so many times and having the attack, the insurrection that took place on the House of Representatives in Congress, on the Capitol, the Capitol grounds, we could be in for more killings like that.”

She called on Trump to take responsibility for his rhetoric, urging him to consider the real-world consequences of his words.

Calls for Responsibility and Action

Waters insisted that Trump must acknowledge the impact of his statements. "I think Donald Trump has to take responsibility for what he is saying about blood in the streets and violence if he is not elected," she remarked.

The congresswoman's comments are particularly poignant given the tense political climate leading up to the election. As violence and civil unrest increasingly permeate public discourse, her warnings seek to preempt further escalation.

In summary, Maxine Waters' appearance on “The Saturday Show” illustrated her profound worries about safety and civil unrest tied to Trump's inflammatory statements. She underscored the serious risks not just to herself or Congress but to communities across the country, particularly people of color. Waters called for Trump to take responsibility for his rhetoric, drawing a clear connection to past events like the Capitol insurrection.

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