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 June 11, 2024

Meghan McCain Criticizes Jennifer Lopez on Her Behavior

Meghan McCain has launched a scathing critique against Jennifer Lopez on her podcast.

McCain called Lopez "deeply unpleasant" and recounted a negative experience from a 2019 interview on The View amid poor tour sales and marital rumors.

Daily Mail reported that McCain, co-host of the podcast Citizen McCain, did not hold back in her criticism of Lopez. According to McCain, her interview with Lopez on The View was far from pleasant.

McCain Describes a Troubling Encounter

McCain described Lopez's entourage during the interview as unnecessarily large, noting that it exceeded even the President's. She called on Lopez to "humble herself" and criticized Lopez's attitude and behavior.

The criticism came in the backdrop of troubling news for Lopez. The singer has faced problems with her recent tour, "This Is Me... Now," which was later rebranded to "This Is Me... Live." Despite the rebranding, ticket sales remained poor, forcing a cancellation.

Lopez's Struggles Extend Beyond Music

McCain's remarks add to the recent wave of unfavorable news for Lopez. Her latest album, "This Is Me... Now," debuted at number 38 on the Billboard chart in February, far below expectations. This commercial performance and the cancellation have not boded well for the star.

Also, rumors about marital strife between Lopez and her husband, Ben Affleck, have been circulated. Reports suggest they live separately despite making public appearances together at family events.

McCain's Past Criticisms Resurface

This is not the first time McCain has targeted Lopez. A previous episode titled "Why is JLo Flopping So Badly?" went viral on TikTok but was temporarily removed for alleged bullying. McCain expressed frustration over this takedown, defending her statements as truthful and not bullying.

During her latest podcast episode, McCain recounted various negative experiences people have had with Lopez. She shared anecdotes of Lopez's supposedly difficult behavior towards service workers and others.

Guest Carlos King, a producer, expressed surprise at McCain's claims, noting he had good experiences with Lopez. However, McCain insisted her experiences and those of many others depicted a different reality.

Speculations on Lopez's Future

Lopez's tour rebranding seemed aimed at mimicking the success of other significant female performers like Taylor Swift and Madonna. However, even creative leaps, such as the documentary accompanying her album, have not been well-received, with McCain critiquing it as "not good."

Live Nation insiders reportedly supported canceling the tour due to poor sales. However, Lopez's pride and determination seemed to have driven the decision to proceed initially.

To conclude, Meghan McCain's recent comments on her podcast bring to light her ongoing grievances with Jennifer Lopez. McCain believes that Lopez's attitude and behavior negatively impact her career and public perception. In the face of poor tour sales, a struggling album, and rumored personal issues, Lopez’s challenges seem multifaceted. She remains a contentious figure, eliciting strong opinions all around.

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