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 June 26, 2024

Melania Plans Part-Time White House Residence If Trump Wins

Former First Lady Melania Trump is anticipated to significantly alter traditional first lady roles if Donald Trump secures another term in the White House.

East Wing experts say she intends to split her time between Mar-a-Lago and New York City rather than Washington, D.C.

Daily Mail reported that Melania Trump, who has remained largely absent from the public eye since leaving the White House in 2021, is expected to continue distancing herself from Washington if her husband reclaims the presidency. Unlike previous first ladies who resided in the nation's capital alongside the president, Melania is expected to spend most of her time in Palm Beach and New York City.

Melania's Unconventional Approach

Speculation suggests that Melania will only return to Washington, D.C., for ceremonial duties or special events. Such a move would be a first for a first lady and highlight Melania's distinctive approach to her role.

Their son, Barron Trump, is set to attend New York University, further indicating that Melania and Barron may not relocate to the White House. This decision also reflects Melania's desire to maintain her privacy and autonomy.

Since her departure from the White House, Melania has largely distanced herself from her husband and Washington's political scene. She was notably absent during Donald Trump's hush money trial in Manhattan earlier this year.

Public and Private Appearances

Following that trial, Melania was seen leaving Trump Tower with luggage and Barron, signaling a return to her preferred residences. Insiders suggest she and Barron will likely not move back to the White House if Trump wins the election in November.

Despite her limited public appearances, Melania has engaged in private events during the 2024 campaign, retaining a selective involvement in her husband's political activities.

Next month, Melania is scheduled to host a fundraiser for the conservative LGBT group, the Log Cabin Republicans, at Trump Tower in New York City. This event marks a rare public engagement for her since leaving the White House.

Future Plans and Expectations

Should another Trump term materialize, sources indicate Melania may seek a more competent staff and express more concerns about the first lady's office needs. Mary Jordan, author of "The Art of Her Deal," suggests Melania has become wiser and would be more vocal about what the First Lady's office requires.

Both Jordan and author Kate Andersen Brower emphasize that Melania's approach reflects her personal views. Jordan notes that "Melania does what Melania wants." Brower adds that Melania "hated being in Washington," further clarifying her reluctance to return full-time.

When questioned about her potential presence on the campaign trail, Melania responded simply, "Stay tuned," indicating that she may yet play a role in her husband's bid for another term.

In summary, Melania Trump is expected to divide her time between Mar-a-Lago and New York City, avoid living full-time in Washington, and maintain a more reserved public presence even if her husband wins the 2024 presidential election. Their son Barron's college plans in New York further support this anticipated arrangement.

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