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 May 24, 2024

Mexico Election Rally Tragedy: Stage Collapse Kills Nine

During a political rally in northern Mexico, a stage collapse resulted in the deaths of nine people, including a child, and injured at least 50 others.

The incident occurred during a campaign event for presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez in Nuevo Leon on Wednesday night, sending waves of panic through the crowd. Local authorities and medical teams quickly arrived at the scene, transporting bodies into vans and assisting the injured. Soldiers were also present to help manage the chaos and provide first aid.

According to Daily Mail, strong winds caused the stage, lighting equipment, and a giant screen to collapse onto attendees at the rally. This tragic event occurred in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a suburb near Monterrey, where hundreds had gathered to support Maynez and other candidates from the Citizens' Movement party.

Candidate Escapes Unharmed

Jorge Alvarez Maynez himself escaped without serious injury but posted on social media that some of his team members required hospitalization. Footage from the event showed Maynez waving to the crowd before rapidly moving to safety as the screen began to fall.

Upon witnessing the disaster, Maynez suspended his upcoming campaign events and remained at the scene until all the injured individuals were taken to hospital facilities for treatment.

Nine lives were lost in the collapse, including one child, an unfortunate confirmation shared by Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia. Garcia took to social media to describe the incident as 'a tragedy' and provide updates on the casualties.

Instant Reaction From Witnesses

"I regret to report that so far the number of people killed in the accident stands at eight adults and one minor," Garcia wrote on the social media platform X. Rally attendee Jose Juan, who was injured during the collapse, recounted the terrifying moments to broadcaster Televisa: "It hit me on the head and I fainted. The rest was pure hysteria, pure panic."

The mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Miguel Treviño, confirmed that several people were trapped and hurt, offering his thoughts and prayers for the victims.

Widespread Condolences and Solidarity

In the days following the tragic event, leading figures in Mexico's political sphere expressed their sympathy and support. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador extended his condolences to the families, friends, and political supporters of the victims, stating, "a hug to family members, friends of the victims and political supporters."

Main presidential candidates also shared their condolences. Claudia Sheinbaum, a frontrunner in the upcoming June 2 election, expressed her solidarity with the victims' loved ones and suspended her own rally planned for Thursday in Monterrey in their honor. "My solidarity with the family and friends of the victims," she said.

Opposition candidate Xochitl Galvez similarly offered her condolences and wished those injured a swift recovery. "Condolences and prayers to the families of those killed and wishes for a speedy recovery to all the injured," she stated.

Campaign Trail Under Scrutiny

Alvarez Maynez, polling behind Sheinbaum and Galvez, reassured his followers through social media that he was physically unscathed and was working closely with the authorities regarding the incident. "I am fine and in communication with the authorities over what happened," he posted on X.

The rally was notable as a closing event for Lorenia Canavati, a mayoral candidate for San Pedro Garza Garcia, and also featured candidates for senators and lawmakers from the Citizens' Movement.

Mexico's meteorological service had previously warned about heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and potential tornadoes in the Nuevo Leon area. Governor Garcia had urged residents to stay indoors due to the impending severe weather. This tragic incident is the first of its kind to impact the current campaign trail, which has already been marred by a considerable amount of political violence leading up to the June election.


The stage collapse at Jorge Alvarez Maynez's campaign rally in Nuevo Leon has resulted in nine fatalities, including a child, and more than 50 injuries. The incident, sparked by strong winds, has halted Maynez's campaign activities and drawn nationwide condolences and support. Authorities and medical teams responded promptly, with Governor Samuel Garcia and others providing updates and expressing sympathy. The tragedy underscores the severe weather warnings issued by Mexico's meteorological service and the hazards faced during a politically tense period leading up to the presidential election.

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