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 June 22, 2024

Mia Bailey Arrested for Parents’ Murder in Utah

A tragic incident unfolded in Utah as a transgender woman, Mia Bailey, allegedly shot and killed her parents.

Bailey, age 28, was taken into custody for her alleged involvement in the double homicide of her parents and the attempted murder of her brother, as Fox News reports.

Authorities report that the violent events transpired on Tuesday around 7 p.m., in the comfort of the family's home. The victims, identified as Joseph Bailey, 70, and Gail Bailey, 69, were found dead at the scene.

Police Capture Suspect After Manhunt

The incident did not stop with the murders of her parents. Mia Bailey allegedly attempted to kill her brother as well. Locked in his bedroom with his wife, her brother miraculously survived after Mia fired shots through the door.

After the shooting, Bailey fled the scene in a yellow Kia Soul. The authorities quickly initiated an extensive manhunt that lasted several hours.

By Wednesday, around 24 hours after the incident, police successfully tracked Mia Bailey about 7 miles away from the initial crime scene.

Bailey Shows No Remorse

Bailey surrendered herself without incident by willingly dropping her firearm upon capture. St. George Police Officer Tiffany Mitchell conveyed relief to the public, stating, "We have the suspect in custody."

However, the relief was short-lived as details emerged about Bailey's lack of remorse. According to police, Bailey expressed her willingness to "do it again," highlighting the cold-blooded nature of the crime. Mia Bailey’s brutal actions and statements, vividly described in her booking affidavit, cited her lack of remorse multiple times.

Details of the Brutal Crime

The affidavit reviewed by authorities revealed the chilling acts committed by Bailey. After initially shooting her father, Joseph, she reportedly shot him again in the head to ensure he was dead. Similarly, Gail Bailey suffered the same fate as her husband.

Police stated, "Mia described that she returned to her father who was lying on the ground and shot him one more time in the head to make sure that he was dead." Bailey, without hesitation, did the same to ensure her mother, Gail, would not survive.

Legal Actions and Background

Following her capture, Mia Bailey faced 11 felony counts, including the murders of her parents and the attempted murder of her brother. Bailey had legally changed her name and gender almost a year prior to the killings, with the changes finalized in August 2023.

The community remains shaken by the gruesome events and the disturbing details revealed in the aftermath. St. George Police Officer Tiffany Mitchell confirmed, "Everyone is safe. No one else was injured." The continuing investigation will likely bring more details to light about the motive and circumstances leading up to the events.

In summary, Mia Bailey's arrest for the brutal murder of her parents in Utah has left a community in shock. Following a day-long manhunt, Bailey was captured and showed no remorse for her horrific actions, even stating she would repeat them.  The grisly details and complex personal history surrounding the case continue to emerge as authorities pursue justice.

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